All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica: How to Choose the Best

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, you have many overnight accommodation options. There are vacation rentals, hotels, and resorts. There is no shortage of all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Most come highly rated and recommended, but you want to have the vacation of your dreams. For that to happen, you must choose the perfect inclusive resort. How can you do so? By taking the factors listed below into consideration.

The purpose of your trip. The purpose of your trip should have a significant impact on your all-inclusive resort. Why? Because Jamaica resorts come in a number of different styles and some are even themed. There are adult only resorts and resorts classified as family resorts. Somewhere in between, are those that cater to individuals of all ages. If your trip to Jamaica is a family vacation, a family resort with a kid sized swimming pool, onsite playground, and scheduled events for children is recommended. If traveling to Jamaica for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, an adult only resort is advised. With these resorts, you get to be romantic and carefree without having a five-year watching your every move from across the pool.

Your traveling party. As with the purpose of your trip, consider the ages of those you travel to Jamaica with. If you are traveling with a group of friends, is everyone over the age of 18? If not, your all-inclusive resort options may be limited. As previously stated, there are family resorts, adult only resorts, and resorts designed for individuals of all ages. If traveling with minors, keep a close eye on age restrictions. Automatically eliminate hotels and resorts that you cannot stay at.

Resort inclusions. There are many hotels and all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. All-inclusive resorts come highly rated and recommended because of inclusions. These are things included in the cost of your stay. At a traditional hotel, you gain access to a swimming pool and fitness center, but that is about it. Yes, it does cost more, but a stay at an all-inclusive resort includes the cost of room, tips, food, drinks, and some forms of onsite entertainment. This onsite entertainment varies, but consider what you hope to accomplish. Have you always wanted to snorkel? Opt for an all-inclusive beachfront resort where you can snorkel without paying an additional fee!

The services and facilities offered to guests. When focusing on services and facilities, it is important to separate inclusions from non-inclusions. There are additional facilities and services offered to guests that may cost more. For example, at a family resort you may need to pay a small fee for childcare. At a Jamaica resort with an onsite golf course, your green fees may be included in your stay, but you may still need to rent a golf cart or hire a caddie.

If you want to sightsee. When it comes to Jamaica vacations, there are two types of tourists. They are those who want to stay on the resort and those who want to get out and explore the island. If you want to limit your travel time and cost, choose your resort carefully. You want a resort that is filled with inclusions you will use, such as multiple restaurants, a large swimming pool, a beautiful beach, rentals for water sports, and more. If you don’t want to leave your Jamaica resort, ensure there is enough available onsite to keep you occupied. If you want to get out and sightsee, opt for a conveniently located resort to limit your travel time and expenses.

How much you can afford. As previously stated, all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica include the cost of room, food, drinks, tips, and onsite entertainment. For that reason, you will pay more. With that said, you get a better value for your money in the end. Since inclusive resorts do vary, price compare. See what resorts you can afford and then base your choice on preference. When doing so, be sure to examine all nearby resorts, experiment with your travel dates, and so forth. Doing so allows you to save the most money.

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