AIG Annuity Access: For Former Users

AIG, the American Investment Group, is one of the fiscal foundations smash hard during the economic receding of the last decade. AIG is presently revamping their investment activities, and in the process has relinquished control of the AIG Annuity Access internet site.
This site was run by AIG for the benefit of their investors, particularly geared to those who had products with the AIG Bank. Through the site, AIG investors were able to make and account and easily keep tabs on their monies.
In line to the past economic problems, AIG was left with no choice but to eleminate their operations on the AIG Annuity Access web site. That problem resulted to the termination of their investor’s access to the website and other subjects that are linked to it. This has left many feeling lost and without recourse for determining the prudent move with their fiscal transactions.
If you hold an annuity or other investment with AIG you will want to visit the corporate website, where you will discover Information pertaining to specific investment funds. And that is your only alternative to track the former and present flow of your investments.
You should also likely contact your financial or investment advisor. If you don t already have an advisor, you will want to make arrangements with one so you are able to have more control over and a better understanding of your up-to-date fiscal investments.
Recently, the group is having some essential progress after defining the steps that would help them recover. Aside from that, they are receiving enough support from the government and other fiscal institutions so that they can cope with their losses.
Your life insurance plans, annuities, and other investments with AIG are presently ensure. Those with life insurance payout due to them can process these through the normal plan scope. Since AIG annuities are secured by a dependable insurance company, you could cash out your annuities if that is the necessary course that you wanted to take.
As you no longer have immediate exposure to your fiscal Info through AIG Annuity Access, you feel uncertain about your fiscal standing and the quality of the investment you have in your annuity. It s best you look for counsel from your fiscal planner or investment planning firm before proceeding with any investment sales or annuity surrenders, especially as most annuity plans contain clauses which result in substantial surcharges for early withdraw of funds.

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