Affordable Bahamas Vacation to Cat Island

Desperately seeking an affordable Bahamas Vacation, then look no farther than Sammy T’s Beach Resort on Cat Island

An affordable vacation in the Bahamas shouldn’t cost more than around $250 a day, and also be somewhere that is nice and not just a cheap Bahamas Vacation Package. Cheap tends to mean less than salubrious, whereas affordable could mean delightful but not a lot of money, in other words great value, and that is exactly what you are going to get at Sammy T’s Beach Resort on Cat Island.

With only 6 rooms, a mixture of one and two bedroom wooden Caribbean style villas, each differently designed and decorated,all equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans, plus all the normal hotel bedroom bits and pieces plus a kitchenette with microwave, Sammy T’s Beach Resort is a very small and intimate resort, at an average room rate of less than $200 for a one bedroom villa.The beach it sits on is definitely one of the most spectacular in the Bahamas.

The whole design of Sammy T’s Beach Resort is made to complement the lush natural landscape, using the natural landscape and the introduction some popular and brightly coloured local flowers.

Sammy T’s Beach Resort could be the perfect spot for your Bahamas Wedding for it is situated on its own sweep of beautiful private beach and set in a lush landscape, so the environment would be perfect for the big day and Sammy T’s Beach Resort does offer very good wedding packages.

By the way the resort doesn’t accept children under the age of 10 so it would also be very suitable for a Bahamas Honeymoon.

The whole atmosphere is very much home from home, and the staff go out of their way to make you feel like friends who are staying as opposed to guests in some impersonal hotel.

When guests at Sammy T’s Beach Resort are asked for their comments they are uniformly good, with a very high satisfaction level, and that is so important. Bearing in mind also that the prices show that Sammy T’s Beach Resort can be part of a cheap Bahamas Vacation Package and yet be of such high quality in itself demands more investigation.

Comments like “Picture Perfect Beach”, “Villas are spacious, stylish and comfortable”, “The food is lovely with beautifully cooked fresh fish every day”, ” A really relaxed, informal hideaway”, really tell you a lot. The words a little piece of paradise to describe Cat Island and Sammy T’s Beach Resort do readily spring to mind. One guest just couldn’t believe that such an affordable vacation could be so perfect, and how much better a Bahamas Honeymoon here would be compared to some of the large hotels in the Caribbean. At the end of the day Cat Island is part of what the Bahamas must have been like everywhere fifty years ago, so the words “The real Bahamas”, probably sum it up accurately.

Two slight downsides, the first is the lack of a cooker in the kitchen, a microwave is very limiting, and the water which isn’t very palatable. Of course the food is good enough not to have to cook, and bottled water answers the other slight problem.

There is very little doubt that for an affordable Bahamas Vacation, in a place really close to paradise where you can really escape the 21st century, you could do a whole lot worse that have a cheap Bahamas vacation on Cat Island staying on the most beautiful private beach at Sammy T’s Beach Resort.

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