Adware Spyware and Virus Threats – Must Know Facts For PC Protection

Anyone who uses a computer whether it be for professional use or personal use knows that there is a real threat from spyware, adware and computer viruses. All three are similar in that all of them are complete nuisances for users. Yet, they are different but how?

Spyware Rundown

Did you know that spyware is not designed to intentionally harm a computer? However, what it does is open pathways for someone besides the owner of the computer to communicate with it. Typically spyware will record the types of web sites the owner visits which then get sent to web advertisers which allows them to give you unwanted e-mails and annoying pop-ups.

No wonder spyware is looked upon as such a bad thing, ranked to the top with viruses and Trojan horses. It is actually more intrusive than adware is. Adware does not have the capabilities to like spyware to have their own executable programs that monitor and record keystrokes. It will also scan hard drives and look at the computer’s applications that a user would normally use. These include chat programs, cookies and the web browser’s settings.

Once spyware has all the information it needs, it will send it back to the spyware creator. This data can be then used for various things including marketing and advertising purposes and even sell the information to other parties.

Adware Overview

Although it is annoying, adware is a legitimate form of freeware. Much similar in spyware’s original design for advertising, it comes packaged as a software or program. Once these programs are installed, the adware is also installed. Sometimes though, some adware forms, comes from downloading advertising pieces that go with a particular application. Once it is utilized, so is the adware. No doubt, adware is like spyware in that it tracks and records user information for its program authors.

Computer Infection Signs

So how do you know if you have spyware on your computer? One big sign is pop-ups. If you are visiting a site and a pop-up occurs not related to the site you are visiting, a bulb should flash over your head as a wake up call. More times than not, spyware advertisements will have adult oriented themes to it. Should you notice your computer taking longer to load or its really going slow, then spyware and other components related to it, have made their way in. Make sure to have a spyware remover program that will scan and remove said infected files.

Computer Virus Infections

Many people are quite aware of the danger that proceeds with having virus on their computer. They know the destruction these little buggers can do. They were created for only one purpose in mind – to create mayhem on your computer. Viruses will destroy what they come into contact with and then begin to self-replicate. They will touch as many components of your computer software including the operating system as it can before it is detected.

How To Be Rid of Annoying and Destructive Items

There are plenty of anti-virus softwares in the market, many of which provide spyware and adware scan and remove utilities. Others centrally focus on locating and then deleting or destroying these two programs. Whether you have an all-in-one anti-virus program or a dedicated scanning program, have them search your computer on a regular basis by setting up a timer so they can do a search, find and destroy. Remember to update your products often.

Also download a firewall protection such as ZoneAlarm to keep out most of these destroyers.

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