Adware and Spyware Removal – The Dangers of Malware

How Does Adware and Spyware Affect Me?

Adware and Spyware has a primary purpose of monitoring a computer users browsing activities for the purpose of exploiting the information they gather. These programs are extremely invasive to your personal privacy and they have the ability to adversely affect the functionality and speed of your computer. We have many more Spyware Removal Help Articles Now Available.

Spyware and Adware often referred to as “Malware” is not selective in choosing what information it targets. It logs what sites you visit as well as what purchases you make online. It can then pass this info on to another unauthorized person or entity. In some cases it will allow unauthorized websites to sneak into your computer system. Every thing you do on the internet is tracked and monitored by a stranger without you consent or knowledge. This information can then be sold to interested third parties. Before you know it your computer is plagued with many annoying symptoms including

– Unsolicited pop-up ads

– Unwanted tool bars

– Bookmarks not created by you in your favorites folder

– Redirection to sites that you are not choosing to browse

– Redirection of your default home page to a site not chosen by you

– Slow down in processing speed

How Does A Computer Become Infected ?

There a variety of ways a system can become infected with Malware including

– Downloading of files including music, movies, software

– Clicking on a Pop-up Ad

– Browsing certain websites and clicking on links within the site

If you engage in any of these activities which most internet users do you are making yourself a target for malicious programs. These programs are not only an annoyance but they are a threat to your personal security and in some cases can even result in Identity theft.

How Big Has The Malware Problem Become?

Undeniably it has reached epidemic proportions. At present there is a multitude

of Adware and Spyware roaming the internet and the vast majority can be harmful to your system and privacy. Hundreds of thousands of people are unknowingly infected with some form of Malware or Virus.

How Can Users Protect Themselves From These Threats?

The answer lies in Adware and Spyware Removal Software. There are many great programs that will not only rid you of these nuisances but prevent future infections. We have many more Spyware Removal Help Articles Now Available.