Advantages and Disadvantages of Skidlid Helmets

Skid lid helmets fondly called the “shortie” or “beanie” helmets are extremely popular among riders for their chic and cool appeal. Ideal for summer riding, these keep the face cool and fresh unlike the fully covered helmets that could leave you sweaty and messy after a ling ride

There are many advantages for skid lid elements. These are light weight and leave your face open, which could add up to the riding comfort. These helmets will have all the other features including a peak visor, thick rubber edge and adjustable forehead venting that adds up to its comfort.

However, there could be some disadvantages as well for these motor cycle helmets, the most important of which is a higher risk of injury. Open face motorcycle helmets are DOT approved and can be used on roads and most open face helmets protect the skull, brow and ears.

The chin area is left uncovered and hence is at risk in the event of any accident. 
If your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield and you are planning only a short summer ride, skid lids could be the best choice. These are stylish and trendy and are available in a palette of patterns, colors and designs and are extremely popular especially among young riders.

The skid lid helmets are novelties that look stylish on you; however these do not offer full protection. Browse through some of the online shops to find out the latest trends and models on offer. Opt for a light weight and aerodynamic model that has molded thermoplastic alloy shell, safety standard compliance and good ventilation to ensure maximum utility.

Skid lid helmets do not offer eye protection against dust, wind or sun, so it is important that the riders protect themselves with face shields or motorcycle goggles. The UV-treated goggles can ensure full protection against the sun on the road if you do not intent to use a face shield.

The detachable visor on your open face helmet will protect you from extreme weather conditions and flying dust and debris while riding. Timely replacement of worn out visor and anti fog treatments will ensure clear vision.

There are many branded skid lid helmets in the market in all possible price ranges. Stay away from ridiculously cheap models as it might do you any good. Always insist of certified helmets to make sure that you remain eligible for insurance coverage in the case of accidents.

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