Accidents Caused By Tire Tread Separation

Most tires made for the cars that we drive today are steel belted radial tires. The most common defect in steel belted radial tires is tire tread separation. When you add these two facts together, you find that the most common tire defect on the cars we drive is tire tread separation, which can have dangerous and devastating effects for the drivers and passengers of the affected car as well as the people in whatever car happens to be hit by the first car going out of control.

Tire tread separation, which causes the tires to blow out, can drive a car completely out of control. This effect is even worse when the car is traveling at highway speeds, adding a new element of danger. A car with a blown out tire might travel into oncoming traffic, swerve into an extremely dangerous situation like toward a cliff edge, or can roll over, causing damage and possibly further collisions and injuries.

Tire tread separation is an incredibly dangerous possibility, but there is no way to know if your tires are in danger of coming apart short of noticing the early evidence of separation. An accident caused by this defect in the tire’s manufacturing could cause grave injuries to your family and loved ones as well as to people in other vehicles should your car go out of control or your sports utility vehicle flip over and roll.

There is no way to prevent this danger from presenting itself in your life except to check your tires regularly for damage, and even this is not a guarantee of safety. If your tires should blow out while you are driving, you have the right by law to take action against the company whose defective product cause so much damage to your property, and possibly to your loved ones as well.

If you have experienced tire tread separation or an auto accident caused by tire tread separation, then you should contact an attorney who specializes in vehicular law. A properly trained attorney will know exactly what kinds of information to collect from you and from your insurance company to help process your case as quickly as possible, and you can take your lawsuit before the courts.

Not every lawyer is qualified to deal with lawsuits involving tire tread separation, and you should find out during your initial contact with your attorney if he or she is willing to handle the case and also if he or she has any experience with this type of case in the past. The right answer is that they specialize in vehicular law, and that they have filed multiple tire tread separation lawsuits against the tire manufacturers who are selling potentially faulty tires to consumers like you.

A lawyer with this kind of experience will be able to help you get your lawsuit filed and processed in the most efficient way possible and will know exactly what points of law are relevant to your case. These lawyers are practiced in dealing with tire manufacturers, and will be able to quickly get you the money that you deserve for the suffering and damage done to you as a result of the bad manufacturing and the flaw in your tires.

The manufacture of steel belted radial tires is a process that requires that a steel belt be placed around the tire before it is cured, then another layer of rubber be placed around the steel. The steel inside the tire prevents punctures and makes the tire more durable overall, however the possibility exists that the tread will separate from the rest of the tire because rubber does not bond with steel. To cause a bond, the steel belts are coated in brass, but brass breaks down quickly and can cause the tire to blow out.

Defects in manufacturing can make this much more likely, resulting in a blown out tire sometime down the road and an accident becomes very likely. The tire manufacturers know this, but do little to make the manufacturing process safer and more likely to bond properly.

The tire plants prefer quantity to quality, and high standards of quality assurance are not required. This lack of quality control can lead to moisture and debris being leaked into the rubber, causing tire tread separation to become much more likely over the life of the tire.

Do not let tire manufacturers get away with the design flaws and lack of quality that lead to so many accidents and deaths! If you have experienced tire tread separation, contact an attorney immediately to begin seeing the problem set to rights.

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