Abs Exercises for You – Leg Lifts

Abs Exercises for You – Leg Lifts

There are two main things you need to do in your exercises to achieve fantastic six pack abs. The first is muscle building – this is crucial to give you a toned and sculpted stomach area and can be done through various abs exercises. Another thing you need to do is to lose fat. Fat loss and fat burning can be done through a variety of different workouts, not restricted to the abs area. However, in this article we will focus on some main abs exercises that you can try if you want to achieve sexy six pack abs for a gorgeously toned and attractive body.

One of the abs exercises you can try is leg lifts. This is how you do this fitness exercise effectively: First, lie on the gym floor or on a gym mat with your legs straightened flat out in front of you, and leave your hands loose at your sides. The next step in this exercise routine is to lift your legs up without bending your knees until they have formed a 90 degree angle approximately. Following which, you should lower your legs and repeat the motion of this fitness routine without allowing your legs to reach the gym floor at any time.

For more challenging abs exercises, you may want to make use of the available equipment at the gym to further strengthen your abs muscles. You may want to ask a personal trainer or any professional instructor at the gym to help you select the right gym equipment to use when you are doing leg lifts to burn fat and build muscle. When using the gym equipment, you can try raising your knees to meet your chest instead if it is too difficult to do this exercise routine the normal way. Either way, this exercise routine will definitely help to firm and tone up your lower abdomen area. And soon enough, fat burning and fat loss along with muscle building will become second nature to you.

Finally, if you have the appropriate equipment, you can challenge yourself by doing these leg lift exercise training routines with an additional medicine ball hung at your feet. However, you might want to do this only with the supervision of a personal trainer or a professional coach, to prevent you from hurting yourself. If you are really looking for an intensive abs exercise program, you may even want to do leg-lifts while hanging from a pull up bar. That way, you will be toning your arm muscles as well as your abs at the same time, and fat burning and muscle building in your body will be most efficient!

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