Abs Exercises Are The Least Most Effective Abs Workout!

Instead of the typical ab exercise routines that we see so often with crunches, situps, leg lifts, etc… This article is intended to get you on your way to get perfect abs through using a workout that provides high intensity stabilization techniques. Changing up an abs exercise routine can help you produce a higher intensity work out which is going to speed up your results.

I am going to present a great high intensity workout you can do to get ripped abs that don’t even directly point to straight up abs exercise at all. It’s in a tri-set format (similar to a super-set but alternating between 3 exercises).

Here is the workout:

1a. Renegade Dumbbell Rows

1b. Front Squats with Barbell

1c. Mountain Climbers on Floor

A good rep scheme to use with this could be 3-4 sets of 8 reps for each exercise, or more sets for less reps, such as 5 sets of 5 reps of each exercise. For mountain climbers, your sets would be time intervals (every 30 seconds).

To do renegade dumbbell rows, start in a pushup position with your hands on two dumbbells. You then row one dumbbell up while stabilizing your body with the other arm. Bring the dumbbell back to the ground and alternate the rowing arm while stabilizing with the opposite arm. So how does this work out my abs you may be asking?  The stabilizing effect during the rows it what creates work for your abdominals. Don’t think your abs are getting a workout, wait til you feel it in the morning!

Front squats are done similar to back squats, however with the barbell in front of your body on the front of your shoulders instead of resting on the upper back as in back squats. Get the barbell on your shoulders while crossing your arms to stabilize, and push your firsts into the bar against your shoulders being sure to keep your elbows out in front of your body. This takes a little practice at first, so you will want to seek a professional trainer at your gym to help you with the form. Front squats require extreme stabilization strength from the abs due to the barbell weight being shifted to the front of the body instead of the back. True that it is primarily a leg exercise, but you’re abs are getting just as much a workout!

For the mountain climbers you are going to hold a starting position just like a you would a push up.  The motion process begins by shuffling your feet in a manner so that your knees are moving up to your chest and then back to the pushup position. It sort of resembles climbing a mountain but flat on the floor. Mountain climbers is a great way to get rid of belly fat as it burns off body fat.

After doing each exercise, rest for 30 seconds then start the next one. Take a small 1-2 minute break in between tri-sets, then repeat it.

In spite of the fact that there are no direct abs exercises involved, this is one of the best abs exercises you can do. You’ll see what I mean after you try it!

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