About Azurite – The Stone of Heaven

Azurite is also known as ‘the stone or heaven’ or ‘jewel of wisdom’ as it works on the spiritual level and enhances the communication at this level. It gives a great insight and hence improves the psychic abilities. Azurite works on Brow and Throat Chakras. These are associated assertive communication and self-reflection. It is also called Third eye chakra and results in spirituality and higher intuition.

Person who talks too much can use this gemstone and also for person who wants to be expressive.

Azurite also stimulates the creativity. So by having this stone you will actually be full of ideas and will be more aware of the things around you.

Always keep this stone while taking a decision as your dilemma will fade away and you will then take right decision.

You will be able to see the truth and your inside.

Azurite is a great stone for students and business people as this enhances more stable and focused thinking.

You will be able to release the past and accept the future.

It helps in cleaning the body.

It is great stone to meditate as it increases the calmness, patience and cleansing. Azurite is used in post operative care.

Also this is beneficial for pregnant women as it helps in the development of embryonic babies.

As this stone has very high copper content and copper stimulates the thyroid gland and sinus. So it is used to cure problems associated with these parts of the body.

Azurite helps in cleaning the skin by detoxifying liver, stomach, gallbladder and spleen.

It also revitalizes the brain.

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