Ab Scissor: 6-Pack Abs In 4 Minutes A Day

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Ab Scissor

Review Summary

The Ab Scissor, which Body by Jake has replaced with the extremely similar Ab Scissor Ultra, is a simple, sit-up device that targets abs. Jake says it takes only 4 minutes a day and many who have tried this agree.

Product at a Glance

The Ab Scissor is a chair with flexible arms that one grips in order to perform abdominal crunches.

Product in Focus

This device sits stably on the ground, and the exerciser sits in a padded chair. Previous reviewers mentioned that the chair seat might be too small for people who weigh the machine’s limit of 275 pounds, but the new “Ultra” machine is said to have a larger seat, so that problem may be eliminated. The arms/handles are gripped and allow for forward motion. While most ab crunches use only the upper body, the design of this machine allows for what Jake calls “scissor action,” also called a “double crunch” or “jackknife,” which uses the lower body as well. This intensifies the movement. Side to side movement to strengthen the obliques is also part of the program. The machine has no back or head rest and is not recommended for people with neck problems.


The Ab Scissor is heavily advertised on TV, and this led some reviewers to expect a poor piece of equipment. Most say they were pleasantly surprised. The machine uses the body’s own gravity to achieve 5 levels of resistance and so may be appropriate for people at different fitness levels. It comes unassembled, takes about 1/2 an hour to put together and weighs 43 pounds, which is lighter than many similar machines. It comes with a video, diet plan and log, and the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This machine can be purchased online outright for $159 or for two $99 payments.  Those who might purchase this machine


·    Effective
·    Lightweight
·    Available online
·    Money back guarantee


·    Must be assembled
·    No back or head rest
·    May add a great bit of variety to ones workout routine.

Final Thoughts

The Ab Scissor is a well designed, lightweight machine that can help exercisers who want to target their abdominal areas. Many experienced exercisers point out that such equipment is not necessary in order to do ab crunches, but for those who need the comfort or the incentive, this machine may well be worth the investment.  To see how others have benefited from this product, follow the links that are provided above.  There are consumer opinions and information on many exercise devices and dietary supplements at the web sites provided above.

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