Ab Exercises

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have a great set of abs but not everyone will put forth the effort it takes to achieve them. For many of us the main ingredient we lack is time. It takes time to build a great body or even stay fit in today’s society. There are many stomach exercise routines that do not require a lot of our time. Five to ten minutes daily can drastically increase our abdominal strength. In this article we will discuss some simple abdominal workouts that will meet our needs and our schedules.

One of the first steps toward getting and maintaining a strong healthy midsection is to set your self a schedule and stick to it. By setting a workout schedule you will in turn make the necessary steps needed to set aside time for your exercises. It is also good to have a partner for your workouts which in turn will keep you accountable for your workout schedule. Choose a partner you can count on and one who will motivate you to excel in your exercise routine.

Crunches are one of the best ways to gain abdominal strength and get your abs to show them selves. Starting with this simple exercise will help you gain strength for more intense abdominal training. Crunches will work the whole abdomen and give your abs balance and overall strength. Crunches can also be done in various ways and from and incline position to a decline position. This may not be your favorite ab workout but it is proven affective.

Flutter kicks can also be a great way to expose your abdominal muscles and get them tone. The reason flutter kicks are great is due to the fact that they keep constant pressure on your abdominal area in turn increasing your stomach muscle endurance and strength. When performing flutter kicks be sure to keep your feet no farther than six to eight inches from the ground and your back and head leaning forward to put pressure on your abdomen. Keep your kicks quick and short working them in a scissor like motion.

One of the best ways to strengthen your stomach is to run. Running can really help you to gain the extra endurance needed to perform your abdominal exercises. It is an iatrical part of body’s need for exercise. Though it may not be your favorite thing to spend your time doing it will benefit you beyond measure. Use what you have available to run, your neighborhood or when your children are practicing in their own sports you could be exercising instead of being a bleacher warmer. Use your time wisely and make the best of your day to reach your fitness goals.

If you do have a partner there are a few great exercises that two people can do together. One is a medicine ball. Stand back to back and hand the medicine ball off to each other from side to side. This will really work your abs hard and give them a great range of strength. One of the best exercises for you to do with a partner would be for one of you to lie on your back with your feet extended toward the sky, lower your feet and have your partner push them from side to side working your abdominals through resistance training. This can really increase your stomach strength. If you have weights available to you try getting in the sit up position and have your partner hand you weights to hold across your chest. Now you can perform regular sit ups with added weight increasing your abdominal strength.

Stomach tightening exercises at work or at home can also be of benefit to you when pressed for time. Tighten your abdominal muscles for ten to twenty seconds at a time and then release them, repeat this several times. This is better than nothing and can give you a way of working your abs and getting a better healthier midsection.

Take these well known tips and put them to action and you will be on the road to a great set of abs!

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