Ab Exercises at Home Secrets

Abdominal exercises can greatly enhance the look of any tummy, whether of a guy or a woman. Abs exercises tone down the muscles around the stomach which is key to achieving those six packs. But the misconception is that one has to spend a lot of time in the gym to do these abs exercises. The reality is that these abs exercises can be conveniently done at home. Whether while watching the TV or listening to your favorite music, one can do these abs exercises at home.

There’s left lifts, which starts by lying with the back flat on the floor. An individual has to slowly lift the left leg into the air as high as possible. This should be held for several seconds, before slowly lowering the leg. Then the right leg should be raised and then held for an equal number of seconds. To complete the set, both legs should be raised over the middle and held for an equal number of seconds.

Most abs exercises at home can be enhanced by adding weights to the ankles, furthering resistance to any exercise. Weights can be purchased any sports store. An alternative is to fill up tube socks with enough litter to make up at least a pound of weight. By adding weights to the ankles there is more load that is given for the abs muscles to work on.

The sit up is another of those effective ab exercises at home. Simply lie down on the floor, bend the knees, and have the feet together. It helps to have someone holding the feet down. The hands must be kept together and behind the head to support the neck. Then slowly raise the torso and pull it towards the knees as far as possible. Keep this position for 5 seconds before reverting to the original position. The exercise should be repeated 25 times.

The cat stretch is another of those highly recommended abs workout at home. This is similar to the stretching technique of cats. To do this ab exercises at home, lie on the floor and relax the body muscles. Tighten the abs muscles while the back is pushed up as far as possible. This stance must be kept for at least 5 seconds, before releasing the muscles and relaxing the back. This exercise must be done 25 times.

Any abs workout should be done regularly, at least 4-5 times a week. This will help improve the flexibility and overall strength of the muscles in the middle part of the body.

Here’s another of those highly effective ab exercises at home- bicycling. To do this ab flattening workout, simply lie on the floor and place the hands beside the head. Slowly pull up the knees while moving the feet in a circular motion, as if pedaling a bike. This exercise should be repeated at least ten times.

When doing these abs exercises, it is important to breathe in and out completely. This will give the body additional oxygen to allow it to perform these exercises properly.

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