AAA and Acuity Car Insurance – A Quick Review

During these hard economic times, it pays to really scrutinize auto insurance providers. Two of the most prominent providers in this niche are AAA Insurance and Acuity Insurance. Let’s see how these two providers fare under our scrutiny.

Auto Insurance from the ‘Triple A’ Company

AAA (American Automotive Association) is actually known more for its road assistance services such as towing, tire change assistance, car batter replacement and others. However, since it already deals with automotive concerns, it’s but natural that it also offers auto insurance. Actually, AAA, also known as Triple A, has grown into an all-you-need provider for one’s travel needs offering vacation deals, car rental sources, concierge options, and many more. For the purpose of our article, however, let’s focus on its car insurance services.

For starters, AA offers three types of auto insurance: coverage for others and their property, coverage for you and your passengers, and coverage for your assets.

As regards savings, AAA is quite known for the various discounts you can avail of when getting auto insurance from them. For instance, it offers discounts to those who fit their vehicles with an anti-theft device. They also look favorable on you if you have more than one vehicle ensured with them so now is a good time to rope all the car insurance plans of your family members under them. And since AAA also offers other types of insurance (e.g., life, health, etc.), if you sign up for these other coverages you can expect your premium to receive another round of discounts.

As AAA offers many services, their website can be a tad confusing. However, it’s worth the few minutes you need to spend to get used to it. After you fill out the form and somebody gets in touch with you, don’t forget to ask and/or discuss in detail all the possible discounts that can come your way.

Acuity – Straight-Forward Car Insurance

Acuity is a regional firm that also serves up a wide array of personal and commercial automotive insurance products and services. However, it’s not trying to be the provider of every little thing you need while on the road. As a result, the auto insurance plans are more straight-forward. To get a quote though, you need to get in touch with one of their agents. On their website, simply select your state and city and a list of available agents will be provided for you to contact.

This may seem dated since most providers simply fill out an online form. However, for those who have quite a few questions and want to hear things first-hand, then this will work for you.

Getting awesome deals means shopping around. This rings true whether it’s for buying household items or acquiring vehicles. The way to get the most savings is to look at different firms offering the same product. People who shop right for auto insurance usually wind up with huge amounts of money saved. So do compare, compare and compare some more when picking decent auto insurance. And be sure to include AAA and Acuity auto insurance on your list of possible insurers.

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