A Truck Cover For My 1947 Chevy Truck

Hello this is a story about my 1947 Chevy Truck, I live in Canada and the weather here can be very extreme to say the least. I have spent a lot of time and money fixing my truck and it needs to be protected from the elements. I don’t have a garage to park in and my truck sits outside all the time, is there a truck cover that can hold up to this kind of environment?

I have contacted a lot of automotive supply websites and they have given me some good information on all types of truck covers, there sure are a lot of choices. There are many truck cover websites and it has become very hard to choose which type is best for my truck, one cover site told me they have a bubble cover that you drive your truck into and then close up and inflate with air like a big bubble, but this cover isn’t made for the outdoors, then there are covers of all kinds from low price one layer too multi layer very expensive covers.

After sometime spent weeding out the covers and websites that weren’t for me or my truck I found ClickitCoverit Car Covers & Accessories. The website has lots of good information on their covers and their pricing is fair. Also, they stand behind there product with a 30 day money back guarantee. After talking to their sales person they explained that the Elite Supreme 4 layer Waterproof Cover would work best for my truck and comes with a 3 year warranty, a free cable lock and storage bag.

This cover has 4 layers, the first 3 layers protect your vehicle from all weather types from the sun rays to the wet and snowy weather, and the 4th layer is made of fleece to protect your vehicles finish so you don’t get those spider web scratches on your clear coat. So, I ordered the cover and they paid the shipping cost, another plus. In about 7 days I received my cover. I went out and cleaned my truck as per instructions, so when I tried the cover on for the first time to check the size it didn’t get dirty. That way I could return it for credit or exchange it if I wasn’t satisfied. The cover fit perfectly and I was so happy that my little truck was now safe from the hazards of outdoors.

Ive been using the cover now for 6 months and been very happy with it and when ever I have a question about truck covers or accessories I just contact there website and get the answers and help I need. So thanks ClickitCoverit for the great cover and costumer support.

If you would like more information on car covers and accessories please visit us at www.clickitcoverit.com

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