A Romantic Beach Wedding on a Tropical Island Paradise

So you have decided to say “I do” on a beautiful beach, choosing the marvel of nature as the backdrop for the most romantic, significant and momentous day of your life. Truly, there is nothing more special or memorable than having a wedding on a beach. It is something you and your guests will surely not forget.

As a matter of fact beach weddings have become a trend because they offer couples with close to nature intimacy while giving a carefree and upbeat ambience. They offer a different wedding atmosphere and allow you to be more creative to make your wedding day stand out from a conventional wedding ceremony.

Finding the Perfect Beach Wedding Location

As important as any other detail in your wedding, finding the perfect beach to accommodate your wedding is crucial. If what you have in mind is a small intimate wedding ceremony, Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Island Hotel has the perfect beachfront location for you.

Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Hotel offers memorable beachfront wedding activities complete from the ceremony to a beachfront sunset reception. Its wedding location is immediately opposite to Boracay Island’s most famous wedding icon – the Boracay Rock. This symbolic Rock will be lavishly decorated with fresh and rare jungle flowers to accentuate the romantic mood of your wedding day.

Included in your wedding package is a deluxe Boracay accommodation. Nigi Nigi Too Boracay beach hotel will provide you with the Bridal Suite which overlooks the crystal clear azure waters of Boracay Island. It will be artistically decorated to heighten the passion and desire in celebrating the consummation of your everlasting love.

On your honeymoon, you can spend your day in Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Beach resort’s fun-filled water activities such as snorkeling, cruising Boracay islands neighboring Islands and scuba diving Boracay. Or if you prefer a more intimate activity, you can spend a late afternoon strolling on the 4 kilometer stretch of Boracay Island’s palm-fringed beaches while watching the sunsets and as the last streak of sunlight left the horizon you and your husband can top your first day as one by sharing a candid and passionate kiss.

Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Island hotel’s wedding personnel will make every effort to ensure that your dream beachfront wedding and romantic tropical island paradise honeymoon is fulfilled. Since, Nigi Nigi Too Boracay hotel specializes in small intimate weddings, it is very flexible with regards to reservations and last minute bookings.

Enjoy the solemnity of your lifetime commitment with the magic of a beachfront wedding ceremony and reception all immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Boracay Island’s tropical sunset.

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