A New Year’s Fitness Resolution That Will Get You Results!

Common new years resolutions always revolve around people wanting to kick off the new year by getting in shape. This is the most common, yet most failed goal of most all Americans. People tell themselves they are going to start eating right and working out, but they don’t have a clue as to how to do these things properly and in the most effective way.

As a strength and conditioning specialist I can tell you that one way for you to succeed in achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions is to learn about the ancient art form of kettlebell training. By now you may have heard of the kettlebell and realize that this strength and conditioning device has been around for centuries and has been used by the world’s finest athletes and strongmen to forge the most perfect bodies. We have many more Exercise Routine Articles Now Available.

You see most people have an unhealthy thought process about fitness and this is one of the reasons for the failure of their new years fitness goals. Most people have what I like to call the “health club” mentality when it comes to working out. This is where they think they need to spend the money for a gym membership in order to learn how to use a machine to work a specific body part to get in shape. I have never seen a single person lose any weight from using a machine. The only way to accomplish this is to move your butt! This is why I am a proponent of kettlebell training.

You see the one thing the girevik (kettlebell man or woman) understands is that in order to tame the bell you must learn how to manipulate certain bodily movements rather than targeting specific body parts. Kettlebell training is movement based in nature instead of body part specific. This is what moving your butt is all about! This particular New Year’s resolution will certainly help you to burn the fat. Kettlebell training has a history and that history is to be respected. True kettlebell men and women always succeed at their New Year’s fitness resolutions. You see just by incorporating the basic kettlebell lifts such as swings, get ups, and snatches into your program you stand to completely transform your fitness and health. Take the time to learn more about this ancient art form.

If you haven’t already taken the time to learn about kettlebell training then you are already falling behind for next year. One realistic goal is for you to master the most basic kettlebell lift known as the swing. This is a great start to your New Year’s goals. Take the time to access the rest of my articles on the matter for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart! We have many more Exercise Routine Articles Now Available.