A Look at New York Life Life Insurance

New York Life life insurance is the United States’ oldest and largest life insurance company. Serving its policyholders as a mutual insurance company, the agency is able to keep up with the demands of quality coverage for its customers without being severely affected by the recession. Its core values were built based on financial strength, which are the following:

  • To provide financial stability and peace of mind through the following:
    • Their insurance
    • Their annuity
    • Their investment on products and services
  • To continue to be a mutual company distinctively allied with their customers
  • To maintain outstanding mutual strength
  • To act with integrity and humanity
  • To be there when consumers and policyholders need them the most

New York Life life insurance is known for its long-term insurance guarantees and its high credit ratings. Its current portfolio reveals the company to have very few problems in the market today, which makes the company more powerful and stable financially. This is because the company thrives off of these three factors:

  • Their mutual ownership with policyholders
  • Their superior financial strength
  • Their disciplined and traditional investment approach

Currently, New York Life life insurance has several lines of insurance dedicated to consumers’ and policyholders’ advancements in their lives or life’s complications. They are:

  • Life
  • Lifetime Income
  • Investment Annuities
  • Long-Term Care
  • Mutual Funds
  • Many more

People who evaluate New York Life effectively will see that the company offers competitive premiums at affordable prices. In addition, the stability of the company is an added bonus that certifies its competitiveness in the insurance industry.

New York Life life insurance is headquartered in New York, NY. Any potential looking to buy insurance from the agency can fill out a quote form on their website online or contact them via phone.

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