A Las Vegas Bucket List – 7 Things You Must Do In Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a supercharged city with a 24-hour play, shows, extreme high-life and bright lights. Twenty fours is hardly enough to experience life at Las Vegas. However, you can enjoy wall-to-wall activities on your getaway, from a massage at Octavio to shopping at Catherine Malandrino.

There is as reason why the term “Only in Vegas” exists, and that’s because there are so many surprising things in the gaming city that you will probably never get anywhere else. We have many More Las Vegas Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

There are things a person must do during their first or subsequent visit to Las Vegas or before they die. Below are 7 things you must do when in Las Vegas.

Visit Attractions

There are numerous attractions in Las Vegas, ranging from car racing to zip lines. Experiencing all attractions in the Sin City is akin to riding a roller coaster. You can visit the world-famous fountains at Bellagio or stroll down Mandalay Bay Beach. Other than the casinos, there are several zoos, aquariums, theaters and galleries to visit.

There are no two attractions in Vegas that are alike. The Mob Museum provides you with an opportunity to glimpse into the notorious and well-known past of the city. On the other hand, the Dolphin Habitat offers you a rare opportunity of watching the undersea world, although the city is located in a desert landscape.

Las Vegas offers even the unexpected. You can treat yourself to car racing or paddle a kayak in Hoover Dam.

2. Go Shopping

Las Vegas hosts some of the most stunning shopping malls and centers in the world. The shopping facilities can rival those in Paris, London and New York City. A shopping experience in Las Vegas beats any other experience in any part of the world.

Some of the shopping stores include Crystals, The Forum Shops, The Grand Canal Shoppes and the Miracle Mile shops at the City Center, Caesars, The Venetian and Planet Hollywood, respectively. The list of shopping facilities is endless.

The shopping stores offer a wide range of merchandise like designer shoes, clothes and artworks, among others. You can just explore the stores to have fun. Shopping is not restricted to shopping stores only, hotels also offer plenty of shopping.

3. Enjoy The Nightlife

Las Vegas is renowned for its showrooms, casinos and unrivaled nightlife. If you love to party, enjoy music or dancing, then Vegas is the place to be, or rather the place you must visit. There are numerous entertainment spots in the city.

They include Marquee Club at The Cosmopolitan, Pure at Caesars Palace, Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas, Voodoo Lounge and Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay’s. Entertainment spots in the city have a legendary status for their spacious dance floors, pounding beats and delicious drinks.

When visiting Las Vegas, ensure that you pack your dancing shoes and party dress so that you can meet other revelers at some of the world’s sought-after nightclubs.

4. Experience Outdoor Activities

Despite the fact that the city is located in the colorful Mojave Desert, it offers several outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, tennis, golf, extreme sports, sightseeing, water skiing and boating.

The city and areas surrounding it offer a great deal of adventurous activities. When in Las Vegas you must ride a horse at the Bootleg Canyon trails, take a hike at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, watch desert burros and tortoises or get behind the wheel and race at the Mario Andretti Racing School.

You should also check out the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, whose middle point experiences two time zones. The bridge has amazing architecture. You should add it to your Las Vegas bucket list.

5. Visit Las Vegas Casinos

Casinos in this city have been glorified in films and small screens for their lights, sounds and pulsating energy. You can enjoy a game of cards or dice some few meters away from a go-go dancer.

The casino at Hard Rock Hotel and Planet Hollywood provide you with sections that are dedicated to music, gaming and beautiful women.

If you want to play for higher stakes, the casinos at Bellagio, Aria and Wynn resort will be ideal for you. Most casinos in this city are inviting, clean and spacious, and offer excitement and thrills that will remain memorable.

6. Pamper Yourself in Spas

After so many activities in the city, a spa therapy is necessary. Las Vegas spas like Spa Costa del Sur, Canyon Ranch Spa, Sahra Spa and Hammam are up to the task of providing the therapy.

Each spa offers a unique experience in a special atmosphere. The Qua Spa at Caesars Palace offers total luxury while the Reliquary Spa provides a hip and edgy vibe. Wellness and specialty treatment services offered in Las Vegas spas are just unmatched.

The traditional and modern procedures offered at the Mandarin Oriental Spa may tempt you to stay at the city forever. The spa offers ice fountain, vitality pool services and a Hammam for two people. We have many More Las Vegas Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

7. Play Golf

Las Vegas has some of the best golf courses in the world. Some of the golf courses include Bali Hai, Badlands and The Wynn Golf course. The golf courses are designed by famous people like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio. A person’s options for golf experiences in Las Vegas are endless.

When in Las Vegas, make sure your bucket list contains the above must-do things.