A Gentleman’s Toast to the Ladies

Giving a toast to the ladies calls for a special approach to speechwriting. Such speeches are usually light-hearted but, nonetheless, cannot bepatronising in any way. The message in the toast is that the ladies are wonderful in who they around what they do. At a more formal function the speaker may refer to famous women throughout history and what they have achieved. Obviously he will compare those present to those wonderful ladies of the past. If he is speaking at a more low-key affair he may praise the work they have done for instance, in running fundraisers for a sports club. Such a toast must always compliment the ladies.

He may take a tongue-in-cheek look at how the sexes interact. If so, he would talk about how women are responsible for organising men or how they give them that bit of polish they urgently need. He might choose to speak about how women nurse men when they are sick or make sure they have warm scarfs on in the cold weather. He may speak of their different roles as homemaker, career women not to mention social secretaries. He might also on a light-hearted vein speak of the difference between male and female drivers, saying of course that it goes without saying that women drivers are far safer drivers.

His speech should be gracious and should refer to all women whether they are wives or mothers. He might mention the fact that the function would be a much less exciting one if it weren’t for the presence of the ladies. He will speak of their influence on the lives of the gentlemen present. The toasts might refer to those bedtime stories told by mothers or their years of standing on the sideline supporting their sons at all their football matches. The toasts might refer to the fact that the ladies were always there for them when they were needed. Above all they might mention that women always know where the clean socks are In other words the toast to the ladies should refer to them being absolutely indispensible to the men in their lives.

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