A Few Tips for Landing a Government job in Singapore

Singapore has always been a prosperous job market for both locals and expats. Every year, thousands of university graduates, locals and expats start their search for a stable, well-paying job to accommodate the expensive but luxurious lifestyle of Singapore.

The are many types of jobs available in Singapore, ranging from part time jobs, full time jobs and contractual jobs, each with their own pros and cons. Government jobs are although largely favoured due to the advantages offered by the same. The stability, timely payments and favourable compensations in a government job make it lucrative for a long tenure, anywhere in the world.

To get a decent government job in Singapore, one must follow a few basic steps to ensure fruitful results:

  • Be Aware of Opportunities:

Always be aware of the opportunities that arise, by making accounts on online job search websites and uploading detailed updated resumes. These websites have fast become the means of job advertisements by employers, registering for job alerts which are an added advantage.

One can register directly on government job portals to get related job alerts. Use the internet wisely as it is the best place to start looking out for a job in Singapore. Online job portals and many other job websites that advertise positions for government jobs in Singapore are a good way to start.

The classified section of the newspaper also contains ads regarding a variety of opportunities in Singapore.

There are websites apart from regular job search engines, which are specific to Singapore government and public sector services. The Singapore government provides a directory where one can find public service and various government jobs in Singapore with ease. One just needs to visit the government website (https://app.vog.gov.sg) for more details. Even specific sectors and departments upload requirements and openings on their web pages.

  • Create a Skill Based Resume:

Along with providing access to over hundreds of jobs online, job search sites also help you to create a resume and make applying for jobs easier. One must create a resume highlighting skill sets and experience that would make them a perfect fit for the role to which they are applying. Make sure to add details that can make one’s resume stand out in a crowd.

  • Time is the Essence:

Try to be proactive, seizing the opportunity as and when it arises. Apply diligently with a good resume and outstanding cover letter that is specific to the government job for which one is applying.

Singapore is the perfect place to work in a friendly, multicultural and highly competitive job market. Although for expats, receiving a proper work permit is key to landing a long-term and stable job. Evaluate your options well and apply ferociously to target jobs that favour the career path set by you.

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