A Bird's Eye View of Paradise on a Seaplane Tour of Mesmerising Maldives

As a captivating archipelago of nearly 1200 islands, the Maldives meets and surpasses every traveller’s expectations of paradise. Scattered across the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the country is a delight for the senses with its quaint, unspoilt islets, sandy beaches and sundrenched landscapes full of tropical foliage.

Due to its vast repertoire of islands, it is difficult to gauge the wonder that is the Maldives from touring the country by traditional means. While speedboats and other sea vessels are available to take guests from one gold sanded island to another, there’s no better way to explore the Maldives in its entirety quite like on board a seaplane.

Seaplane operators are abundantly available at the venue where travelling in the open skies is considered one of the most convenient methods of transport due to the atolls and the island nation’s unique geography. Various types of tours to suit every budget are also provided by the seaplane operators as their services are also frequently needed by those who wish to avoid seasickness and long hours on board sea vessels. With the capacity to accommodate 20 guests at a time, the seaplanes offer an encounter with the country’s pastel blue skies like no other. Complete with panoramic views of the floating islets on a bed of clear blue ocean, breathtaking vistas are also visible from the unique vantage point the planes offer. Providing guests with a bird’s eye view of the paradise that is Maldives, the diverse topographic heritage of the country is also evident from the skies.

Guests can expect stunning views of lush tropical forests flanked by golden sands and grand lagoons that are located near many an island in this sunny locale. Swaying trees and sailing boats casting milky white lines across the azure waters is another common sight while yachts and other boats crisscrossing one another is another curious sight when watching from the clouds. One should also keep a lookout for barrier reefs that stretch across the vast expanse of sea as the seaplane tour is sure to increase travellers’ appetite explore what lies beneath.

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