9 Reasons for Learning to Play an Instrument

You may already play a musical instrument or you already do. Either way this article shall reveal to you 9 main reasons for learning to play an instrument regardless whether you are learning to play the violin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, keyboard or even the triangle. This is in great hope that it shall inspire you at the present time or the future to do so.

1. Learning to play an instrument is fun.

This is very true. On big reason why people start to learn to play a musical instrument in the first place is to take up a new hobby that is fun and interesting to use in his or her spare time. However many don’t realise that it is also hard work once this new fun hobby is taking place.

2. Heavily inspired by your favourite artist or band

We all listen to music at some point in our lives and there is no point in denying it. Also, we all have our favourite artists and bands and at times we all dream as though we could play just like them. A strong example of this is with the guitar. When the music is played, some of us pretend to play the guitar as if we are holding one and playing it for real. Or sometimes you would just listen with pure amazement and with serious intention to learn to play an instrument and maybe also in the same style.

3. Learning to play an instrument is an achievement

Once you have made a serious intention to learn to play an instrument you have certainly made one big first step. You will have to dedicate yourself to practice in order to enable yourself to improve giving you the ability to play better and better every time. This is just one of many achievements made along the way throughout the whole learning process. However the biggest achievement is when you are able to play something which means a lot to you and this gives you a huge amount of pride for yourself and a great sense of buzz.

4. Learning to play an instrument is a challenge

Learning to play an instrument means taking up numerous new skill sets and not just one. Yes it is fun but also challenging and therefore rewarding. You have to be well disciplined because you have to enable yourself to practice each and every day. You have to be motivated at all times. It takes a long time to become the player that you want to be and if you persevere then you shall succeed.

5. Can impress your friends and family

This is usually true and with the hope of impressing your friends and family this can act as a very good motivational tool. Eventually if you have the right friends and family they shall be impressed and this shall inspire you to learn more.

6. Learning to play an instrument can develop your Brain

It is proven by scientists and statistics that children who play an instrument or deal with music enables them to be more brighter. These children have a higher IQ, it improves the child’s reading age, improves their studies and develops part of the human brain. It also helps adults become more proactive, alert and develops the memory.

7. A possibility for a professional career

Have you ever watched a concert on the tv wishing it was you the one who was playing? Possible! To play an instrument for the love of music and wanting to do it as a career is certainly a possibility. There are careers in music, but it is hard work getting there but it is fun and rewarding. Learning to play a musical instrument opens up numerous possibilities for you and can lead to anything.

8. Learning to play an instrument relieves stress

Stress is life’s many concepts and there are times when you just want to do something different to free your mind from it all, right? Listening to music is one idea but playing the instrument yourself is even better. This is because dealing with music breaks down the stress as it makes you feel relaxed, it is easy on the mind and extremely joyful.

9. Enforce and develop relationships

Music is so powerful not only to listen to alone but also with other people, whether it will be in a live concert or on TV. However, playing the music yourself in a band is even better! Why? It is quite obvious that playing together in a band requires a bond and you have to be able to forge a relationship with others in order to be playing together whether it is with friends or family. So this enforces this important fact which is always good.