9 Excuses to Avoid Making With Your Workout Routine

There is no question that it is easier to make excuses than to actually workout. This is precisely why so many people make New Year’s resolutions and then never follow through with them after the first couple of weeks. To avoid falling into this crowd of people, here are nine excuses you want to avoid making with your workout routine.

1. The first excuse people tend to make in the winter is that it is too cold outside. Having to put on a coat and sweats over your workout clothes just adds that much more work to your routine just to even get out of the house.

2. As you make it to the gym, there is not an infinite amount of machines to work on. If it is busy during the time you go, it can be easy to say you could not do the exercises you wanted so there is no reason to go back the next day.

3. Another common excuse is that others are in better shape than you or are fitter. You cannot get in the habit of comparing yourself to others because the only thing that matters is your own improvement.

4. A growing problem with obesity today is the television. One excuse you do not want to make is that your favorite show was on. Believe me when I say it will be on again at another time and date.

5. If you are new to working out, you may not know exactly what exercises to do. This is not an excuse to just not go period. You will have no problem learning after the first day or two that you make it to the gym.

6. In addition to not knowing what exercises to do, another problem people have is not knowing how to use the machines. It can be embarrassing not knowing how to use a particular machine, but there is nothing wrong with asking someone for help.

7. Because the economy is in such bad shape, some people use the excuse that they do not have the money to buy new workout clothes or cannot afford a gym membership. While it is nice to get new things, you do not have to have new clothes to get into working out.

8. Some people will say they need to get in better shape before they can go to the gym. This goes back to the excuse of comparing yourself to others, which you need to avoid if at all possible.

9. The last excuse far too many people make is that they do not have enough time to work out. You will be amazed how much time you actually have if you plot out your day and manage your time better.

Remember, excuses will never get you anywhere. If you want to gain strength, if you want to gain a healthier heart, if you want to gain years to your life, than stop making excuses, and get out there and do it.

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