8 Ways To Survive A Customer Service Job

The customer is always right. This statement has been used in the business world for so long. For businesses to thrive they need the consumer and that’s why they created customer service. Some companies big or small has this, some even have their own department. Customer service is vital for companies to survive. So when you’re working under your customer service department, how do you survive the job? What things do you need you go through the day?

So here are some simple and practical tips to survive a customer service job.

1. You’re NOT the boss – It is your job to service the customers and attend to their needs. Listen and pay attention to your customers. Try to understand their requests or better put yourself in their shoes. Always remember they pay your employer, so you get your salary from them.

2. Always DO your best – This applies to your job in servicing the customers. Try to note the details of your customer’s expectations on your job and make it better.

3. Listen More, Speak Less – Try to listen to your customers. It can help you understand their needs. Don’t assume anything, listen carefully. Also observe their body-language and try to differentiate the kinds of customers who are shy so you can address their request the right way without assuming anything.

4. Anticipate their needs – You are not just selling them products; give them a great experience so that they will comeback. If you don’t treat you customer right, maybe your competitors will.

5. Say YES – When a customer asks for help and it is reasonable always say yes. Try not to refuse a customer. Figure out how you can say yes the next time.

6. Customers are you VIP’s – As much as possible treat your customers to a best service possible. Treat all you customers equally it doesn’t matter how much they spent on you business. Be sincere and respect your customers.

7. Say Sorry – Humans make mistakes, learn to say sorry and be sincere about it. Be open with their complaints and concerns and try to improve from them. Don’t let your pride ruin your career.

8. Deliver More than they Expected – Always put some effort to make you customers’ experience better. They remember little things in life. Do more with what you can do.

Surviving a customer service job is not easy, still you depend on the customer because they are the reason you have a job in the first place. So treat them well and give them respect they deserve. It’s your job.

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