8 Pack Abs

Many people understand the 6 pack but very few know about the 8 pack abs. The last two packs are normally hard to develop. Although they are hard, they are not impossible to develop. You will need dedication, a proper diet and the right exercises. You may need to go to the gym where there is a treadmill or if you have one at home the better.

Your diet should consist of little or no fat at all. You will also have to increase the number of meals you have in a day. You will have to eat six to eight small meals in a day instead of the usual three or four big meals. You should eat more fruits and vegetables. Fish is also important.

Aerobics and cardiovascular exercises are very important if you want to develop 8 pack abs. Performing these exercises three to five times a week can go a long way in reducing your body fat. You body fat has to be below 10 percent to show the last two packs. Cardio exercises such as cycling, jogging or even walking are effective in burning any accumulated fat.

You should do crunches that work on your obliques and the lower abdominal muscles. These exercises include oblique crunches and hanging leg raises. Working your obliques will help to tone your sides or the love handles. You should work your lower abdominal muscles real well because that is how you get your last two packs to show. You can develop the 8 pack abs if you maintain a healthy diet and intensify your exercises especially on the lower abdominal muscles.

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