8 P90 X Workout Routines for a Leaner and Firmer You

It’s everyone’s nightmare to see terrifying reflection of flabbiness, fatness and lousiness on the mirror. Instead of looking forward to seeing yourself on the mirror, you’d be scared and frustrated to check on how you look. Be awake from a bad dream and get yourself to embrace a newer and healthier lifestyle.

By healthier lifestyle, it suggests modifying your food diet and getting a good workout program in any fitness club close by. Or if you don’t want to spend for an expensive membership, you can allocate a spot at your home where you can do your daily exercises. These 8 P90X workout routines for a leaner and firmer you will combat the nightmare you’ve been terrified about in the past months or years:

1.Shoulders, Triceps and Chest. Develop muscles on your upper body by doing push-ups, dips and flies. Slow motions and repetitions are more effective. Do not execute abruptly but feel the contraction instead.

2.Back and Chest. To gain resistance on your back and chest areas, you can do the pull-ups and push-up on bars. You can also use the heavyweight dumbbells and pull them up and down slowly. Fast execute may trigger injury on your back.

3.Stretch and Cardio. Stretching is usually done when warming up. Before hitting the treadmill or joining the aerobic team for a 30-minute to one hour cardio and sweat-it-all-out routine, you must condition your body parts first for about 5 to 10 minutes. This is to avoid getting strained.

4.Yoga Technique. Stretching a certain muscle group and delaying the position for 2 to 5 minutes or more is effective in burning fat and firming up. Twist from position to another to equally give all muscle groups a chance to be developed.

5.Arms and Shoulder. You can tone down your arms and shoulders by fusing flying with presses and curls. Give it a month, and you’ll see your biceps and triceps developing. Others get results in a few weeks by taking some supplements and steroids.

6.Core Synergistic. In this P90X routine, you combine cardio, stretching and resistance trainings together so that you can aim on your major muscle groups.

7.Abs Ripper X. In just 16 minutes, you will rip fats off your abs through intense sit-ups and Pilates. Pilates is a form of exercise where you use your mind’s focus to control the muscles. Breathing and alignment of the torso muscles will help you get a well-postured body.

8.The Beast. In this P90X exercise, you will be jumping in 30 variations. This is more of a flying routine that promotes harmony between your legs and the entire body.

These P90x exercises are aimed at trimming you down and building your lean muscles. Pick the ones that are convenient to you. Your entire fitness program must not be hard for you. Gauge what you are capable of, and from there, you’ll succeed more.

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