7 Tips to Get Fit at Work

Work days have their challenges from deadlines to impromptu meetings; however, staying fit shouldn’t be one of them. The workplace is full of ways to incorporate calorie burning activities that are easiest enough to do in pumps or a tie. There are seven simple ways to get the most out of your work day and I don’t mean in quotas, but in exercise and becoming a healthier you.

work that core: Office jobs have their challenges when it comes to mobility. While desk jobs don’t allow for a lot of movement there are still ways you can exercise. Sit on a stability ball instead of your office chair for an hour in the afternoon to give your abs and posture a workout. If you drop your pen, do a crunch instead of bending over to pick it up.

lose the technology: While it seems impossible to get along without your blackberry or outlook a more traditional form of communication can shed calories. By simply walking to your co-workers desk at a moderate pace you can burn up to 255 lbs per hour, all the while getting a break from that computer screen.

move it: The majority of us have an office job, which means lots of sitting down – allow your legs to move while they have a chance and take the stairs instead of the elevator. While parking can be a hassle in itself, stop searching for the closest parking space and make it worthwhile. Not only will you save time, but you can burn extra calories by making these small healthy choices.

maximize your lunch hour: Lunch hours can prove hazardous, whether it’s the sandwich loaded with mayo from the lunch cart or the fast food joint across the street. Save yourself from excess calories and excess spending by packing your own lunch from home and eating at your desk. With the time you saved from not having to go out for lunch go for a half-hour stroll and get your circulation going.  

walk and talk: Ever get tired of those dull conference room wall? Of course you do! Step outside them and go for a walking meeting with your co-workers.  Not only will you all get a little exercise, but a change of scenery is often beneficial to creative thinking and brainstorming. Invest in pedometers and make it a contest to see who come not only come up with the most creative idea, but also take the most steps!

healthy options: While everyone loves the co-worker who brings in the tastiest dessert, wouldn’t you rather be the co-worker that helped the work place shed some lbs. and become a healthier unit? Bring healthy alternatives to the office so that you and your co-workers have an option for say, fresh fruit, instead of cake for dessert. The team will thank you for it later.   

motivate the troops: Healthy choices don’t have to be a solo effort, initiate an in-office weight loss challenge. Get your co-workers on board and get the support of HR (fitbooks anyone?). Studies have proven the healthy work environments are not only more productive, but are more enjoyable.

These easy ways to combine work and exercise will not only make a healthier, happier you, but will also transfer to your colleagues and create an all around better workplace. Not to mention, when you arrive home from a long day of work you won’t have to ask yourself, “How am I going to muster the energy to exercise now?”

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