7 Fast Steps How to Remove Backdoor Trojan Virus – It’s Easy to Clean Trojan Virus Infection FromPC

Are you facing problems with your system’s performance? Is it tediously slow and springs up things like displaying pop-up messages and changing display/ browser settings at random? You are probably affected by the malicious Backdoor trojan virus. But there is no need to panic. It is now possible to remove this virus completely from your system – all by your self.

Before looking for ways to remove the Backdoor trojan virus, you might want to know how it could have got into your system. Trojans are typically transmitted manually – through emails, chat tools, peer to peer networks, harmful web sites and so on. If you have a secure and updated version of anti virus software and avoid dubious sites and mails, you should be able to protect your PC from this kind of malware.

When a Backdoor trojan virus gets into a machine, it typically installs spyware programs that are used to hijack private data to a remote hacker. It could include financial information like bank account details, credit card details etc and other online transaction particulars. Now that you are aware of how much damage this virus can cause, you would want to take steps to get rid of it.

The best option that users prefer is to run dependable spyware removal software to scan, detect and delete all the malicious content present in their machines. It is not only simple but also quick and effective. But if you prefer to do it manually then here are 7 fast steps you could take to remove the Backdoor trojan virus:

1.    You need to begin by restarting your computer in safe mode (boot and press F8 during the boot)

2.    Next step for you is to clean up the Windows registry. To do this click on Start and then on Run. In the dialog box that appears type regedit click OK – this opens up the registry editor.

3.    If it exists delete the entry ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE ClassesCLSID {B9D90B27-AD4A-413a-88CB-3E6DDC10DC2D}’

4.    If it exists, delete the registry entry ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Browser Helper Objects {B9D90B27-AD4A-413a-88CB-3E6DDC10DC2D}’

5.    Close the registry by exiting the editor

6.    Reboot your system for the changes to take effect

7.    Last, open Windows Explorer and delete the file msopt.dll which will be under the Windows directory in general.

You can click on the link provided below to learn how you can clean up of your system using a spyware removal software.

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