6 Tips For a Successful Job Interview

Research. Research the company, products, competitors and the person that will be interviewing you. The internet and social networking sites will provide this information. Research is one of the tools you use to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Prepare. Prepare how you will answer the obvious questions that will always be asked in an interview. Some of the questions you can expect in an interview include: Tell me about your prior job changes? Why are you interested in this position? Why do you want to make a job change? What do you know about our company? Why should we hire you? We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

Sell yourself. You should view the interview as a sales call. The goal of the interview is to sell yourself, your strengths, attributes, knowledge, relationships and past successes. Talk about specific examples of success you have had and how you can translate past success to future success.

Ask the right questions. One of the keys to interview success is to ask the right questions. By asking intelligent, thoughtful questions you demonstrate not only the vast research you have done on the company but also your interest in the position. When you ask the right interview questions you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Expect to win. You should always expect to win and be successful at everything you do. Go into every interview believing that you are the best person for the position. Be confident in the knowledge that they are going to want you back for another interview. Be confident in your abilities and the successful attributes that led to your great success in past positions.

Follow-up. Before you leave the interview always ask for a business card or a way to follow up. Your work is not done just because the interview is over. Follow-up is another way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Write an individual thank you note to each person who interviewed you. In your note express your gratitude for the employers time and interest in you. Before you close the letter, take one more opportunity to sell yourself and ask for the position.

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