IPhones are made for fun, for business, as well as personal use. Beyond calling, it is the over several hundred thousand applications that allow the iPhone to be one of the best and most well sought after smart phones on the market.

These capabilities have created an incredible demand for this phone around the world. There are people in 3rd world countries that want these phones so bad that they’re willing to pay owners to sell iPhones to them, even if they are old and used.

If you ask any fan of the iPhone what really makes them tick, they all will tell you it’s the applications. Applications are computer programs that enable a computer (or phone in this case) to operate or function to a degree beyond its normal capacity. We have many more Smart Phones Articles Now Available.

Here are 6 of the most popular applications for the iPhone.
This popular free computer-to-computer communication tool is available now directly on your phone. This means that you can literally communicate with someone on your normal minute usage that’s in a different country.

This popular game, available with a number of different software developers can cure the common boredom with ease. Whether you’re stuck over your in-laws house or sitting in a board meeting, you can zone out to this game and still make it out alive.

Don’t feel like lugging that 7-pound King James Version around? Many publishers have now made the popular book available from your handheld phone device. There are numerous editions accessible and it easily navigates from one chapter to the next.

Want to find out what your new favorite stock is doing? This application gives you live and up to the minute stock information as well as news and other market indicators. TRAVEL ORGANIZER

Before you travel, you want to make sure that your trip goes along as smoothly as possible. You can get all of your travel information such as your itinerary, and even your flight rewards benefits in the palm of your hand.

If you’ve ever wondered how much that juicy Philly cheese steak packed in calories, here’s your chance to know. Not for the faint at heart, these counters have databases of thousands of restaurants and their statistics at their disposal. So if you really want to know how many fat grams are in that 2,000-calorie burger, you can access it right there on your iPhone. We have many more Smart Phones Articles Now Available.

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