5 Weight Loss Eating Tips – Lose Weight (without Trying)

Don’t eat carbs. Don’t combine foods. Stick to protein. Eat three healthy meals a day. Eat six times a day. Avoid all snacks.. The media is constantly bombarding you with the next big thing for losing weight. Here are a few weight loss tips that are easy to do and will help you lose weight.

These weight loss eating tips are easy to follow:

  • Bake not Fry
    We love french fries. They’re the ultimate comfort food. But as we know, they’re packed with fats, Why not bake instead? You get the same delicious taste and still have your carbohydrate fix. We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.
  • Water

Remember when your parents stopped you drinking water before dinnertime? Reverse the rules. Drinking water before (and during) a meal will fill you up, and could prevent overeating. An added bonus is that water is great for your skin.

  • Big Eyes


Reducing portion sizes is a great way of enjoying your favorite foods while still staying within the boundaries, especially if you tend to finish everything on your plate. Use a smaller plate. You’ll be amazed how much less you actually need to eat to feel full: it’s our brain that convinces our tummy it wants to eat more when a big plate is still half-full.

  • Eating Out


Making your own lunch at home is always best, but if your mornings are frantic and you have not got the time, then choose your fast food outlet carefully. Delis usually offer healthier choices than burger bars, but avoid the chicken mayonnaise and cheese fillings (or ask for the lower-fat white cheeses). Wraps tend to be lower in refined carbohydrate than sandwiches, and they’re much sexier.

  • Snack WellMost of us love to snack – apart from anything else, it’s a great boredom-buster. Instead of snacking because you feel like it, make it a reward for a job well done. A good workout at the gym deserves a treat. Make it small: a 2cm block of dark chocolate instead of the whole slab, The darker the chocolate, the more likely you are to eat less of it. Save the rest for your next post-workout/grumpy mood day. Another great weight loss eating tips are that supermarkets stock several varieties of snack-sized spicy rice cakes – sesame and seaweed are hot favorites.

We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.