5 Ways To Empower Others & Build Your Personal Power

One important way to develop your Personal Power is by improving your ability to empower those around you. People who have the most Personal Power always seem to make the people around them stronger, bigger and more capable of doing whatever it is they are tasked with doing.

Here are five ways to empower others.

1. Allow the individuals who work with you to participate with you in the setting of the organization goals.

2. Delegate authority and responsibility to people around you. The greatest achievers with the most Personal Power have been able to delegate well without the ego and the fear of losing credit or control of the situation. General Colin Powell presents an excellent example of a person who combines a strong secure ego with the ability to delegate. During the war with Iraq, he provided strategic direction and then delegated responsibility and authority to his subordinate, General Norman Schwartzkoff. As the spotlight of fame switched to General Schwartzkoff, General Powell stayed in control.

3. Share information that you have broadly.

4. Show that you have confidence in people. Show your confidence in them in the way that you act around them and their subordinates, peers and superiors. Show that you have confidence that they will do the right thing. Share credit with your subordinates and peers. A lot of managers are afraid of giving up control and believe they are not going to be rewarded justly for what happened if they share credit with their subordinates. If you have true Personal Power and you work to develop it and you allow people around you to grow and flourish, it will not go unnoticed. What you are going to be rewarded for is what happens while you are in charge.

5. Give praise often and well to those around you, both up and down the chain. Praise given appropriately and specifically draws people closer to you.

Remember this truism and it will be much easier for you to release and therefore become more powerful. It is better to have 10 people who work for you each achieving near their potential than to have you trying to do it all yourself, which if not impossible will certainly burn you out.

© 2008 Darryl L. Mobley

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