5 unique and non-cliché dream honeymoon ideas

As a travel writer there’s no way I could just settle for an all-inclusive package to Aruba and I refused to fall into the typical honeymoon destination traps.

So I came up with some great ideas for a non-typical honeymoon destination. Here are some fun – and just as dreamy – alternatives to typical honeymoons: hidden treasures, exotic destinations, little known deserted islands and more!

Retreat to mysterious Marrakech: If you’re looking for an exotic and mysterious location, then Marrakech is your oyster. The Marrakech Medina is the old city where you’ll find endless winding narrow streets, souks or shops selling all kinds of goods, ancient mosques and more. The Djemaa El-Fna is the largest and busiest night market and square in the world, full of snake charmers, music, mischievous monkeys, acrobats, and street food.

Hideout on a deserted island in the Bahamas: If you’re looking for truly deserted islands – and no, Tahiti doesn’t count – then look to the Bahamas. Sure, you’ve heard of Nassau and Paradise Island – but what about Long Island? Eleuthera? Exumas? You don’t want to miss out on the world’s best-kept secret for hidden island getaways and truly secluded beaches.

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Discover lush paradise in Kauai: Forget Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Maui or Big Island. Known as the Garden Island of Hawaii, Kauai’s landscape alone is worth the visit, not to mention that its Hanalei Bay beach was recently voted the best by Dr. Beach. Lush tropical greenery, waterfalls at every turn, secret swimming holes, mountains that reach the heavens, the most stunning coastline in the world, sandy beaches perfect for surfers and small town friendliness are just a taste of what can be found in Kauai.

Drive through the Austrian countryside: If you’re considering a road trip through southern France, then try Austria for a less typical honeymoon adventure with just as much beauty and culture. Indeed, the hills are alive here and there’s something picturesque, charming, and untouched about so much of Austria’s countryside that can’t be said of France. Visit quaint towns like Hallstatt, set amid snow-capped mountains or Lofer in the Saalach Valley, southern Salzburg.

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Go beachside in San Sebastian, Spain: San Sebastian is noted as one of the top undiscovered culinary destinations in the world. It’s a great spot for surfers, Europeans on vacation and food-lovers who flock to dine at Mugaritz and Arzak, two of the top restaurants in the world. Be sure to make time to visit nearby Bilbao for a day at the Guggenheim Museum.

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