5 Traits That Set Lexington Law Apart

In 1991, Lexington Law Firm began offering credit repair services to the general public. Since then, Lexington has provided credit repair services to over 1/2 million credit repair clients and has essentially set the standard for the modern credit repair industry. Many of the largest credit repair companies today owe their success to the tactics and methodologies pioneered by Lexington.

Today, Lexington Law continues to be a driving force in the credit repair industry. What follows are 5 traits unique to Lexington Law that set Lexington Law apart from all other credit repair organizations.

Lexington Law Has 17 Years of Credit Correction History

Many credit repair companies have come and gone since Lexington Law opened their doors. The fact that Lexington Law has been around for so long and continues to provide credit repair services for thousands of Americans is a testament to the quality of service they provide. It is also a reason why Lexington Law is so good at what they do. After 17 years of helping consumers with their credit, Lexington has learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to repairing credit reports.

Lexington Law Has Served Over 1/2 Million Credit Repair Clients

Along with providing credit repair services for almost 2 decades, Lexington Law has also provided service to more customers than any current credit repair services. While other credit repair companies may also have many years of experience, they do not come close to disputing the number of credit files as Lexington Law. This provides Lexington Law with far more data than any other credit repair company that can be used to continually refine their services.

Lexington Law’s Services Have Resulted in Millions of Removals

As a natural consequence of being in business for so long and having helped a huge number of clients, Lexington Law has gained the knowledge and experience to help clients remove millions of items from their credit reports. In fact, Lexington Law has helped clients remove over 1 million items from their client’s credit reports in the last two years alone.

Lexington Law Has 20+ Lawyers across the Country

Aside from providing Lexington Law with a full stable of legal experts, this is very important when you consider that there are over 20 lawyers who have enough faith to risk putting their licenses and years of education on the line. The credit repair industry has had its fair share of scammers and con-artists that have been shut down by the FTC. The fact that this many lawyers are willing to lend their good name to Lexington Law should illicit a sense of confidence that Lexington Law will do everything possible to operate in full compliance with all industry regulations.

Lexington Law Has 400+ Paralegals/Agents

The sheer number of people that Lexington Law assists on a daily basis requires that Lexington Law have a large number of personnel on staff. To ensure that all clients receive personal attention, Lexington Law employs hundreds of individuals that are housed in a newly constructed 50,000 sq. ft. campus.

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