5 Tips to Make Disneyland the Perfect Vacation For Couples

When my wife and I lived in Orange County, we got a season’s pass to Disneyland. We thought it would be the perfect vacation for a couple! That was the best money we ever spent. Granted, we lived close enough to the theme park to be able to take off and spend an evening there and enjoy the ambiance without too much extra inconvenience. Consequently, we became pretty familiar with the park.

Despite our frequent trips there, we never ever, not once, became bored. My favorite time there was shortly after Christmas. The decorations were still up, the weather was wonderfully pleasant, and the crowds were greatly diminished. We have many more Disneyland Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

I enjoyed walking hand in hand with my wife. We meandered through the main square, sauntered through the many wonderfully colorful gift shops, and for a while, forgot our cares and daily pressing worries as we immersed ourselves in the joyful atmosphere Disney has worked so hard to create. Each “outing” there, as we called it, was always surreal. The atmosphere bestowed a kind of forgetfulness upon us, similar to that of the Lost Boys in Never Neverland.

So, here are 5 Tips of how to make Disneyland the perfect vacation for couples:

1. Go to Disneyland in the off season, generally from October through April. The children are back to school, and you will find a quieter crowd frequenting the park. Not only that, the lines to various rides and attractions are much shorter as well. I especially enjoy the Christmas season – the park is decorated, it gets dark earlier, and seems more magical, if that is possible!

2. Go to Disneyland in the evening time. There is a beautiful romantic glow, as my wife puts it, when all the lights are on, making the park more enchanting than during the day time.

3. Visit all the souvenir shops with no intention to buy (sorry Disney!). There are so many wonderful things that catch the eye. Your wife will appreciate your company, and there are some pretty great gadgets to marvel at.

4. Eat at the park. It may be a little more expensive, but there are some great restaurants that serve absolutely fantastic food. You won’t have to worry about taking time to leave the park to get a bite to eat. You will relish and savor the atmosphere even more as you dine there.

5. The best advice I have is when you park your vehicle at the massive parking structure, forgo the courtesy transit and take a walk instead. You will enjoy this quiet, non-distracting time with your companion, creating the opportunity for time to connect. With only one street to cross, you’ll feel like you are behind the scenes as you take the paved, well-manicured route that leads to the park’s entrance.

So, Disneyland is a must-go vacation destination for couples. Not only because it’s popular, not only because it’s big, but because Disney offers the best environment to bond with your companion (and family on other occasions). Isn’t that the purpose of a vacation? – To spend time and reconnect with your loved ones.

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