5 Tips For Planning on a Cruise Vacation

Going on cruise vacations is not just about ports and buffets. It’s about making the vacation worth every single penny of your investment. Let us check out 5 tips for a successful cruise vacation:

Never Be Shy Of Asking For Services

Cruise staffs are trained for accommodating guests. You should never hesitate in asking them for changing things that might bother you. If you don’t like the location of your dinner table, ask the head waiter to change it. Go to purser’s desk for upgrading your room with things, which are necessary for you or ask for shifting it to the one where they are present. If you’re unhappy with their services, don’t be shy of asking the ship credit for compensation. We have many More Cruise Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Don’t forget to do the Macarena

Though Macarena sounds cheesy, you’ll enjoy doing it rather than watching others. Get your feet up & start doing some electric slides, line yourself up for some limbo and start showing your cha-cha-cha. This is the only place where you can do the chicken dance and YMCA with people, who you might never see again.

Go though the daily planner

Your room stewards regularly places the daily planner in your room for listing the activities on the ship for the coming day. This helps you in planning out the day and ensures your presence in all the events that you like.

Have an understanding of the ship’s layout

Starboard’s right and Portside’s left. Bow’s in front and stern’s in the back. If you’re looking for direction on the ship, expect cruise staff saying ‘Deck 6 forward or Deck 10 aft or Deck 8 mid-ship’. Ship’s 3 sections: Forward, Mid & Aft is generally separated by row of elevators. You should find decks having an easy path to walk from the ship’s front to its rear. This helps you in case you’re lost. You can locate yourself on the deck and then go to the one you want through elevator.

Planning your excursions on the shore

Keep yourself updated. Many cruise lines post shore excursions on their brochure or their websites. If you book early, you get the excursions you want. Again, you should also research the port, where ship might give a stop. There are ports, which are located in the centre of the city. It allows you to enjoy the city’s main attractions before the ship leaves the port.

Finally, if you (or anyone traveling with you) have got sea sickness, try finding seats in middle decks. It can even be helpful, if you’re near a window from where you can have an eye on the horizon. Looking at the horizon can help in steadying yourself amidst the strong currents.

Once you’ve followed all these tips, you are sure to have a successful cruise vacation! We have many More Cruise Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.