5 Stunning Beaches

We’ve complied a list of the top 5 beach vacation destinations the worlds has to offer. Have a look at the which beaches inspire your next beach vacation.

Baio do Sancho; Brazil
The shimmering emerald waters and the majestic coral reefs are enough to put it on any “best of” list, but if it’s solitude you’re after, this beach delivers. The beach is hard to get to (and that is a huge understatement) so it is subsequently very quiet. Those who traverse the ladders, rock wall, and slippery stone steps to get there are rightly and duly rewarded.

Grace Bay; Turks and Caicos
For those who don’t want to work for their superior beach vacation experience, Grace Bay is much more of a tourist environment. The beach offers pristine sand and surf with breathtaking views, but is also in close proximity to world-class golfing as well as shopping and dining, making your trip one that is well-rounded and relaxing at the same time. The bay features 12 miles of powder-soft sand and crystalline waters for strolling, swimming and sunbathing and features some of the best snorkeling anywhere on earth.

Rabbit Beach ;Lampedeusa, Italy
This beach has also been dubbed “The best Beach in the World” by various sources and it’s difficult to argue otherwise. Located on Lampedeusa (the largest of the Pelagie Islands of of Sicily’s south coast), Rabbit Beach is the epitome of unspoiled beauty and natural charm. The beach is accessible only by boat and the area is designated as a nature preserve. It is the perfect place to encounter loggerhead sea turtles as the beach is a common ground for them to lay eggs. The stunning turquoise waters and magnificent landscape make it clear why so many people hold it one of the best beach holiday destinations in the world. They even designate a section of beach as umbrella-free to accommodate guests who desire a completely unspoiled view.

Playa Paraiso; Cuba
This beach is among Cuba’s best. It is situated on a beautiful stretch of snow white sand along the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea and is the perfect environment for uninterrupted rest and relaxation. There are no hotels or resorts to detract from the seascape, just a few snack bars and a small nautical center. Non-motorized activities like sailing and wind surfing are encouraged, but nothing that detracts from the peace and quiet that people go there for.

Platja de Ses Illetes; Balearic Islands, Spain
One of many beach destinations in Spain that defines the concept of unspoiled beauty, Platja de Ses Illetes is small and intimate with a gentle slope that allows for swimming at all skill levels. During peak tourist times, the beach is staffed by lifeguards who are tasked with assessing various conditions and who use different colored flags to alert guests to potential issues, usually related to weather or rough surf. Swimming is allowed when no lifeguard is on duty but it is at the visitor’s discretion how far out into the surf to swim. More Top Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Ava

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