5 Key Features of Variable Life Insurance


Variable life insurance gives permanent security to the policy holder on the death of the policy holder.

This type of insurance is normally the most costly cash value insurance as it earmarks you to distribute a part of the premium in dollars term that covered of different types of tools and investment tools within the insurance company’s profile such as mutual funds, stocks, equity funds, equity market funds and bond funds. There are investment risks and different policies are considered to get the security law.

There are different types of advantage to variable policies that permit you to get the different policy options to get the proper earning from the buying policies. You can apply for the interest earned investments in policy and the premiums. The risk of investment is high because it depends on the types of investment in the funds. If the performances of the funds get poor than the result of the death benefits or cash benefits are also decline.

Here are the key points to be considered to get the suitable investment options:

1. The variable life insurance covered death benefits as well as investment benefits partly due to investment in the various funds.

2. The risks in the variable insurance are more because it link with the security market because the investment of equity fund, money market fund and bond fund.

3. The variable life insurance policy gives death benefits. Normally all the companies gives the death benefits.

4. The variable life insurance is like the whole life insurance policy so the features of the variable life insurance are same as the whole life insurance.

5. In variable life insurance, the risk factors are more because the investment in the variable life insurance is directly linked with the stock market and bond funds.


Source by Alex Bellweather