5 Great Employer Interview Questions to Ask

Every interview contains one question that on the surface is easy, but actually kicks out more candidates than any other.  The question?  “What questions do you have of me?”  If you haven’t thought of good questions to ask the interview, kiss the job goodbye.  What you ask tells more about yourself than any previous response.  They will assess how you think, what you think about, how you process information, and your values.   Ask wisely!  That’s why I wrote this article

Let’s dig in.  Here are five questions that show you in a good light and reveal much about your potential employer.

Employer Question #1: What Sets High Performers Apart Here?

You can ask this question many ways, but one way is like this; “When you consider high-performers versus less productive employees, what sets them apart?”

This question works well because it shows your interview that you think like a high performer while at the same time revealing their values.

Question #2: What Are Common Mistakes That New People Make Here?

I ask this question because I want to know the unwritten rules of the organization.  After all, most people find out the unwritten rules by violating them.  I want to know in a much easier way.  And it shows my potential employer that I value the culture of the organization.  It’s also a way to find out more about they most want in the new employee.

When I asked this question at a large health care facility, I heard some frustration about those who don’t know their way around healthcare.  I used that opportunity to agree and highlight again my experience with their industry.

Question #3: What Do You Most Like About Working Here?

This question puts the interviewer in a good mood because you’re connecting them with a positive aspect of their work.  I asked this once and never had to speak again in the interview because the interviewer went on and on about how great the place was and how they loved their job.  I got an offer because the interviewer felt good during the interview and translated those good feelings to me.

Question #4: Where Do You See the Growth Coming From For This Company?

When I ask this question I look like a business person rather than an employee.  Hint: business-minded people are easier to work with because they need guidance, not motivation.

This question allows the interviewer to share their knowledge about the strategy and growth plans for the company.

Question #5: What Do You Wish You Would Have Known When You Joined the Company?

The hiring manager responds well to this question because it shows that you aren’t afraid to ask hard “risk” questions and also highlights problems or challenges that you need to know to be successful in the job.

Sometimes I hear about a bad boss or poor administrative processes that irritates employees.  You win by looking like a smart risk manager and they win by having you know the bumps and benefits before you join.

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