5 Essential Bodybuilding Routines Using Dumbbells

A well designed dumbbell exercise regimen is one of the most effective training strategies that can assist people accomplish their quests for fitness.  Dumbbells can easily be accessed by a great many people and therefore these exercises can be readily done by everyone. There are many types of workouts that make use of dumbbells. Some helpful insights into effective techniques for dumbbell exercises are described below.

Dumbbell exercises should be kept unilateral. A bodybuilder gets better and faster results by training a single limb at a go. The benefits of unilateral training include the ability to make use of heavier weights. This will be made possible by the fact that the body can muster more muscles to accomplish the lift. This concept is referred to as the bilateral deficit.

If the body is capable of using more muscles in lifting these heavy weights then more muscle mass is developed. Further, unilateral training doubles the time set aside for dumbbell exercises since each limb has to be trained individually. This extended time period serves to burn off more fats from the body.

Consider making use of heavier dumbbells for training. It is more beneficial for the bodybuilder to use large and heavier dumbbells in his workouts. A heavy dumbbell implies that the body will utilize more energy in the effort and this will contribute to gains in strength. The demand for more energy will directly lead to fat loss. As the body lifts the heavy dumbbells, it is obvious that more muscle groups will be called into action. In turn more muscle mass is developed as compared to when light weights are used for training.

Make a point of doing alternate dumbbell exercises. A large number of dumbbell exercises can be done in an alternating manner. Instead of pushing or lifting the weights using both arms simultaneously, you can conduct dumbbell exercises alternately; one arm at a time. The alternating pattern is akin to many movement motions inherent in sports, life and job activities. Since these motions are natural to life, the body will gain more advantages courtesy of the bodybuilding effort.

Include combo, grinding and explosive lifts in your dumbbell workout. There are many various styles of lift that you can incorporate into your dumbbell regimen. Use as many of these variations as possible. For the grinding lifts you can do squats and presses. For the explosive lifts, snatches and swings are feasible, and in the case of combo lifts you can always do techniques like clean & press. A mosaic of these techniques not only helps develop muscles and power but it is of benefit to the heart and to the lungs. The entire body is improved in the process.

The dumbbell exercises should aim at muscular growth, cardio betterment and loss of fat. The personally approved dumbbell techniques should be able to facilitate the above desired effects simultaneously. For those who are pressed for time when it comes to bodybuilding training, dumbbell exercises should be a permanent feature of their training regimes.

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