5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank!

The first question that may come to mind for a lot of readers is “What is an Alexa Rank?” The answer is simple. Alexa is a ranking based on gathered browser data. This information is taken and used to calculate your rank amongst other websites. Any time you approach advertisers online looking for someone to pay for ad space on your website, you will need to prove that it is worth their money and Alexa Ranking is an industry standard. When your Alexa Rank gets within the top 100,000 it is almost an accurate representation of the quality of your traffic.

Whether you put a lot of importance on Alexa or not, I am sure that having a higher Alexa Rank will benefit you. Websites with high Alexa Ranks have a tendency of keeping their audience and building it. This means that if you have a low Alexa Rank and a Webmaster visits your site, he may not think you are a credible source of information (especially in this Niche) and may decide not to come back; however, if you have a good rank and provide top notch information then you are almost guaranteed a returning visitor! There are plenty more SEO Secrets Articles Now Available on our website.

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