5 Cheap Scuba Dive Mask Defoggers

A fogged up dive mask is extremely annoying. It really is a joy-killer to have your underwater view spoiled with fog. Who wants to be flooding and clearing a mask constantly when you should be enjoying what’s in front of you. But don’t fret, there are useful and easy solutions to this problem.

Spit is not the only solution
So often, you hear the call “JUST SPIT”. Well, yes, it’s a quick and inexpensive method. I’ve been told smoker’s gob works the best – but I’ve never used this as an excuse for smoking.

But there has got to be more effective and longer lasting solutions against fog.

Mask fog prevention checklist:
Besides the defogger, there are other things you can do to help prevent mask fogging:

1) When you buy a new mask, clean it thoroughly with soap and water and clean both the inside and outside of the lens with toothpaste. This will help remove any residue left from the manufacturing process.

2) Don’t wear too much sunblock or moisturiser on your face.

3) Rinse the mask with fresh water before each dive.

4) Be careful not to scratch or damage your mask in storage or transport. When it’s not being used, it should be dried and stored in a case or hung by its strap.

5) Breathing through your nose contributes to fogging. Try to relax and breath through your mouth.

Top 5 mask defoggers
There are all sorts of expensive concoctions that promise the earth. People say they work but I’ve stuck to cheaper options – many of them are easy to find in most kitchens cabinets or supermarket shelves.
Here is a list of my top 5.

1. Dish washing liquid
Removes grease buildup which encourages fogging. Just rub a bit inside your mask with your fingers and rinse well. For its price and availability, it gets top billing.

2. Cat Crap
This waxy defogger with the unappealing name fairly useful and inexpensive. It’s a slightly longer-term solution than soaps and detergents. Apply Cat Crap before a big dive trip or a weekend and it should help reduce fogging considerably.

3. Soft Scrub
This is a household cleaning product found in most retailers. It’s slightly abrasive but not as gritty as Comet, Ajax and other bathroom powders that are probably a bit too abrasive for the purpose and can scratch up your mask.

4. Shaving cream
Rub a bit inside your mask, scrub and rinse. I have no idea why it works but it seems to keep the mask clear for a dive.

5. Potato
I’ve tried it and while I don’t think it’s spectacular, there are those who swear by this method. Just rub a bit of potato juice on the mask lens and rinse well. But don’t try to take a potato abroad. This could get you in trouble from the authorities enforcing food import laws.

A combination of methods usually works the best. At the start of the dive trip, clean your mask with something slightly abrasive like Soft Scrub and before each dive, clean with dish washing liquid. Beyond that, there is – of course – good old spit.

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