5 Best Tourist Attractions in Rome

One of the most popular travel destinations is Rom. By getting flights to Rome, you get the chance to immerse yourself in this city’s charm and culture. There are numerous tourist attractions in Rome. Here are the top five that are a must-visit for everyone who is going on vacation to this city.

The Coliseum: One of the things the Roman Empire was known for was its power and strength. In its heyday, the main aim of this empire was to conquer the entire world! However, their power was not only exercised for the benefit of taking over other cities. Entertainment was a necessity and the Roman strength and power was exhibited through this. The Coliseum was the main venue where these conquests were held. Gladiators were expected to battle with lions and a host of other exotic animals. This battle was to the death with the winners getting prizes and the losers losing their lives. Standing within the walls of this architectural marvel can send you back centuries past where you can almost feel the excitement and adrenaline that used to thrum within those walls. We have many More Rome Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Piazza Campidoglio: this attraction is also commonly referred to as Capitoline Hill. It holds significance in Rome as it was the main seat of power. To date, the piazza campidoglio is still revered in Italy as it still holds the title of being the centre of politics in the country. Numerous architectural pieces will catch your attention here. The most popular ones being the Castor and Pollux statue. There are also numerous other pieces of work that were created by the great Michelangelo such as the double staircase.

The Pantheon: As aforementioned, Rome is an architectural marvel. If you are an architectural enthusiast, the Pantheon is a must-see while you are visiting this city. It is made up of beautiful architectural pieces, breath-taking statues and marvellous sculptures. In addition to this, the building happens to be the final resting place of the great painter Raphael whose works are still being enjoyed by art collectors all over the world to date.

Roman Forums: The roman forums happen to be the birthplace of democracy in this great country. Here is where the roman senate was based and they discussed all political matters ranging from large sale wars to squabbles between citizens. At The Roman Forums, one can visit the Forum of Trajan and the more popular Forum of Caesar. While at the Roman Forums, make a point of visiting Palatine Hill where there are numerous temples in honour of the various gods the ancient Romans revered.

Trevi Fountain: This fountain is renowned the world over due to its magnificent beauty. It is comprised of various statues the centrepiece being one of the god Neptune emerging from the water at the centre of the fountain. While at the Trevi fountain, take time to toss a coin over your shoulder into it. Roman beliefs state that by doing so you will be guaranteed a trip back to the city. We have many More Europe Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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