5 Best Beaches For Snorkeling in Majorca

For those of us who currently reside in somewhat dull and gloomy northern locations, going on holiday is our chance to really appreciate some glorious weather in an exotic surrounding. Majorca has been a popular holiday destination for many families for a number of years due to its fantastic combination of sun, sandy beaches, culture and vibrant nightlife. Whilst in Majorca there are a wide range of activities to do which will not only help keep you entertained, but will also allow you to fully appreciate all Majorca has to offer.

One of the best and cheapest beach activities to enjoy on Majorca is snorkeling, which will allow you to explore an environment many of us may take for granted or simply have never taken the chance to experience before. There are dozens of fantastic snorkeling beaches on Majorca, but here are the 5 that we believe to be the very best. We have many more Spain Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

1. Cala Varques

Cala Varques is a gorgeous little bay made up of powdery sand and clear, deep waters surrounded by glorious pine trees and cliffs. As this beach is only reachable by foot or boat, there is a good chance that it will not be too crowded which will allow for you to explore the surroundings in peace and without disturbing any other beach goers. This is also a reason as to why this is one of the most un-spoilt beaches within Majorca. Thanks to the quiet clear waters, this is a fantastic snorkeling beach that offers a clear view of the fish life that live in the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa, situated in the northeast of Majorca is known for being one of most picturesque resorts on the island. Nestled beneath the Tramunta Mountains and with a curved bay, it’s a fantastic beach for families who are looking for some underwater fun! As the waters here are quite flat and calm, this makes it perfect for those who are learning snorkeling or those who are a little apprehensive about having their heads under water for a long period of time. With some stunning backdrops, this is a great place to be both in and out of the water.

3. Arenal

Javea’s Arenal beach is one of the most popular tourist beaches on Majorca. With gorgeous white sand and shallow water, which varies from sapphire to slate to deep blue in colour according to the light, this is a great place in which to do some underwater exploring. The water is known for being warm for much of the year which allows for a comfortable snorkeling experience. With a new diving platform in place it is a great place to take the plunge into the deep blue. The bay curves off into other areas of the beach, allowing for more exploration of the different species which reside in the Mediterranean.

4. Cala Morlands

The small village of Cala Morlanda is home to one of the private beaches on Majorca. With clear turquoise waters, this beach is a popular spot with many snorkelers and divers. As the beach is only reachable to by car it is often quiet allowing you to explore in peace. Close to other beaches such as Nebenort S’Illiot and Sa Coma, there is plenty to be found in the waters around these areas.

5. Cala Agulla

Our final choice is Cala Agulla, situated close to many major hotels on Majorca making it one of the busiest beaches to snorkel from. However, the crystal clear waters and varied seabed provide plenty of chances to spot some fantastic aqua life whilst being surrounded by stunning pine trees and mountains. One small note of caution is that due to its popularity it is very possible you will be sharing the waters with other water sports enthusiasts.

When on holiday in Majorca, snorkeling could provide you with a memory like no other. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, Majorca will offer you the chance to see some of the most fascinating aqua life within the Mediterranean Рa wonderful experience not to be missed. We have many More Europe Travel Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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