Using credit card repair companies can either make you financially free or put you in dept. After all, you will be charged by offering you their service .when you find yourself having low credit card and unable to get a loan for new ones, then you should consider using the service of credit card repair companies. There is no doubt that these companies provide a good service and they can certainly help to repair your credit, but do they work for everybody? This article highlights the advantages and disadvantages of using the service of these companies. Do a crosscheck below to find out if using a credit card repair company can reduce your financial predicament or add to them. Here are five advantages and disadvantages of Credit repair companies,
Five Disadvantages of Credit Repair Companies
a.    These companies can do nothing for you if your credit scores is Low.

b.    You would be charged for your credit card to be repaired.
c.    Most time little errors are found which requires you going back to them for it to be fixed.
d.    You can do what they do if you just know how to do it.
e.    Sometime you might experience fault even after it has been repaired.

Five Advantages of credit repair companies
A.    They are professionals in their field and know how to do a quick repair on your credit card
B.    Using the credit card repair company can help you do your work for you, stress free.
C.    The credit bureau would be contacted to get any errors in your credit card replaced.
D.    They are government regulated and safe to use.
E.    They are no paid-before-service agencies
Furthermore, a credit card repair company can help you repair your credit card if the scores are low due to inaccuracy in report. Your credit score could be increased if the mistakes are identified and fixed. However, if your low credit score is due to you missing bill payments or due to you being very near to your credit limit and spending more money each month than you have coming in, then there is very little that using the services of one of these companies can do to improve the situation. In this case, you would be far better off seeking the advice of a debt counselling service. Debt counselling services are often available at no cost. Another alternative in this situation would possibly be a debt consolidation loan.

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