4 Topmost ‘Haunted’ Locations in Singapore

A number of people seem interested in the paranormal activities that go around at ‘haunted places’ of Singapore. Daredevils, who book tickets aboard Singapore flights, look to incorporate such attractions in their schedule. Singapore is a highly modernised country and not many associate ‘ghosts’ and ghostly stories with such an urbanised tourist hub. Yet, there are a number of spooky tales that make rounds in this country of several modern marvels. While it is up to individuals whether they agree to believe such stories or not, the haunted spots of Singapore have surely tempted enough daredevils to book cheap flights ticket and land here! Let us explore few such haunts that appeal to thrill-seeking youngsters booking tickets aboard Singapore flights!

Hillview Mansion

Hillview Mansion, located at a top of Hillview Hill, is quite a popular attraction among those dare devils who book air tickets for flights to the country in a bid to explore the supernatural. The legend goes that the owner of the place was killed in a fire and thereafter any effort of renovating the house was thwarted by the evil spirit lingering in the house!! There is not much to look at here, given the fact that the private mansion was demolished in 2004 but the debris and desolation only elevates the eerie factor of the spot. We have many More Singapore Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Old Changi Hospital

Hospitals are the usual suspects when it comes to providing the fodder to the rumour mills that churn out the ghost tales! In Singapore too, not many ghost-seeking adventurers would like to miss out on the Old Changi Hospital after getting hold of tickets on flights to the island state. Built in 1935 as a British military hospital, it was taken over by the Japanese in WWII. As per locals, screams are heard and shadows are seen at certain wards, the ones believed to be used as torture chambers by the Japanese. It has been abandoned for long now.

View Road Hospital

View Road Hospital is another one that finds a mention in the sightseeing schedule of thrill-seekers reserving tickets on Singapore bound flights. It was a mental sanatorium that was closed in 2001. It is said that mental patients were trapped here and even after their deaths, the spirits were not able to escape from the building.

Bukit Brown

Where else will you find ghosts if not cemeteries!! While it may not be the best of attractions for the fun seeking family holiday makers in Singapore, for those who love the bone-chilling experience of exploring the unexplored it makes sense to grab tickets, get on Singapore flights and plan a visit to Bukit Brown, a Chinese burial place. There have been reported sightings of phantoms hiding in the trees here and sometimes the most sinister of laughs break the screaming silence of the cemetery at nights! Surely, the place has all the right ingredients to tempt the brave souls.

We have many More Singapore Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.