4 Tips To Present And Deliver A Powerful Resume Package

The number one reason why people fail to get an interview appointment is simply because they fail to prepare and deliver a proper resume package to they prospective employers. Today, I’m going to share with you 4 tips to ensure that you’ll get that interview!

Tip 1: Make sure that all the elements of your resume package are present

If you are seeking for a job, then you need a proper resume package to go along with you. By resume package, I mean that you need a properly written cover letter and resume. I stress on the fact that you need both of them if you are really serious about finding a proper job position.

Tip 2: Get attention with your cover letter

While the basics of the resume and cover letter are the same, they serve a very different purpose. The very first part of your resume package is your cover letter. This document should be a short single page of information not exceeding 3-4 paragraphs with objective to get the reader interested and wanting to read your resume to learn more about you.

Do not make the mistake of handing out a resume without cover letter! It’s simply like going to someone’s house uninvited…

Tip 3: Fulfill expectations with your resume

If your potential employer is reading your resume it’s because something in your cover letter got him interested. Make sure that your resume content and presentation delivers on further demonstrating the points you have made in your cover letter.

Depending of the job type you are seeking, your resume will be presented either in a functional or chronological format. Obviously, the most effective resume will be a proper combination of both format with emphasis on the type the most adapted.

The functional format will mainly concentrate on a presentation of your skills and abilities, while the chronological formal with mainly focus on your employment listings.

Regardless of the format used, make sure that your resume is presented in an appealing style, and more importantly easy to read through.

Tip 4: Deliver your resume package in a professional way

Once your resume package is ready, it’s time to deliver it to the decision maker. Basically, you have 2 options here:

  1. Delivery by mail.
  2. Delivery by hand.

If you deliver by mail, it’s important that you use a large envelope to ensure that your resume package reaches destination unfolded. The better the first impression the greater your chances to be noticed. Also prefer a white envelope to a common brown manila envelope.

If you deliver by hand, enhance the appeal of your package by presenting it in a clean neat clear plastic folder with your cover letter and resume inside. This will show professionalism and respect and took you one step closer to get your dream job!

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