4 Steps to a Powerful Bartender Resume

If you are looking for a job as a bartender, you may already know that many bartender resume fall straight into the trash can. Why does this happen? The only straight answer is the value of the resume. When you are serious about becoming a bartender, you will give value on everything you do, including crafting the perfect Bartender Resume.

There are many ways to make a bartender employer impressed with your resume and make it read. You have only one goal when creating your bartender resume:TO GET INTERVIEWED.

Here are tips to help you get that interview:

The Resume Design and Template

You may want to make your bartender resume clean and simple right? But, do you feel you are unique from the others? They might do the same as you did, because plain and simple usually translates to more professional. If you give value to your bartender resume, give effort on creating some attractive design or colored print within you will see improvements. Use some bartending images like a wine glass on your heading. You need something to help your resume stick out and give that “WOW” factor.

Don’t believe me? With hundreds of resumes on a bar managers desk, he or she will stop and do a double take when there is a unique design factor on your page. The next thing you need to do is WOW them with content on your page.

Your Experience and Skills List

Your experience and skills are the most common thing your bartender employer will use to see how you could contribute to his/her company. With this being said, you need a proper strategy for effectively detailing your experience information.

For starters, list only your most relevant experiences with bartending (or make irrelevant jobs RELEVANT!) And make sure not to use more than five resources.

You don’t need to have a lot of experiences and skills to become a bartender unless at least a basic wine or alcoholic drinks mixing and a good attitude. Why not include this on your Advanced Skills lists;”GLLA – Good Listening and Learning Attitude”. Most bartender employer will look for people who have the right attitude for his/her establishment.

Engaged with your Bartender Accomplishments

When listing on your experiences on your bartender resume, use some highlighted accomplishments. Ask this question: “How was my previous employer/establishment improved as a result of MY involvement?” List a few like increase percentage of the sales and tips.

The Cover Letter

Are you including a Sales Letter? Use positive words within your cover letter. Don’t try to put some negative things like what are your current situation and how much salary you need to help you out. Our goal is to get an interview! So we should write the best positive things in ourselves and accomplishments. You can simply adds up within your bartender cover letter a phrase like this ->”highly regarded mannered individual” and or something related that talks about good attitude.

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