4 Easy Ab Workouts To Blast Your Abs

Whether you want your abs be smooth and toned or you want them to pop out like giant raviolis, ab workouts are an important part of stealing glances from the opposite sex on the beach. Unfortunately, I’m going to let you in on some bad news in a second. But first, here are some easy ab workouts:

Crunches: Upper Abs
The good old fashioned crunch. There are three varieties depending on how strong you are.

First, lay down on your back with your legs at a 45 degree angle. Suck in your belly for the duration of the exercise.

Next cross your arms over your chest. Use your stomach to pull your shoulders off the ground a couple of inches.

Then, lower yourself back down while keeping your belly sucked in.

Do this 15-20 times.

When this gets easy, move your hands to the side of your head. When that gets easy, hold your above your head parallel to the floor.

Reverse Crunches: Lower Abs
Lay on your back with your legs straight in the air and your knees slightly bent. Suck in your belly for the duration of the exercise.

You may put your arms at your side or behind your head.

Use your stomach to push your legs straight up into the air slightly. Hold for a second, and come back down

Make sure you don’t overextend and hurt your back.

Do this 15-20 times.

Torso Twists: Obliques
Begin this exercise sitting or standing with good posture. Get a bar or stick you can put on your shoulders to rest your arms on.

As always, suck your belly in.

Slowly and deliberately turn (twist) as far to the right as possible, as if you were looking right.

Return to the starting position and pause. Then go to the left.

Do this 15-20 times.

Plank: Transverse Abs
This one’s a little tricky if you’ve never done it before. You’re going to rest your elbows and forearms on the ground parallel to each other, your head directly above your forearms.

Next stretch your body out straight with only your toes supporting your lower body. So all that’s supporting you are your elbows, forearms, and toes.

Make sure your body is straight. Hold this position for 20-60 seconds.

Do this 2-5 times.

Mix and Match
Do 2-3 sets of each of these exercises 2-3 times per week. Mix them up to keep them interesting, and there you have it: easy ab workouts.

Remember that bad news I had for you earlier. Here it is: doing easy ab workouts are important to getting a sexy midsection, but they’re not as important as you think.

It’s important. Don’t get me wrong. There are a ton of benefits to having a strong core, and they’re going to help you in your quest to lose your love handles.

But losing the fat that’s covering your abs is much much more important than doing crunches. You can do this with the right diet program and doing strength training for your bigger muscle groups.

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